Hate Moss “Fog”
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Hate Moss “Fog”

Executed with a mesh-like precision, it’s a clash of stuttering electronics, coruscating beats and razored riffs and serves as an adrenaline-pulsing first peek into their forthcoming second LP.

Spasming with a feverish unpredictability and shadowed with an overarching sense of solitude, “Fog” was written during an extended period of isolation last year and makes for an engrossing document of an artist reaching for freedom.

Written, recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered in just 10 days by Hate Moss’ Tina (vox, electronics) and Ian (vox, drums), the track also sees the duo working in collaboration with celebrated producer and sound engineer Pour Atom Oil.

“Fog” is also coupled with a video originally recorded at their rehearsal room in London, and post-produced by visual artists Polarys Collective. Watch the video here.

Hate Moss is an Italo-Brazilian duo formed by Tina and Ian in 2018. Formed in London and currently living a nomadic existence, the duo have performed on numerous stages across South America, Europe and the Middle East, while drawing crowds at international festivals like the Venice Biennale (IT), Locomotiva Festival (BR) and Goiania Noise (BR), earning a cult following in the process.

Immersed in the spheres of electronica and post-punk, industrial to electroclash, their music is the result of their multicultural heritage and definitively dark sonic palette. Taking inspiration from the music scenes of the multitude of countries that have welcomed them, the band’s lyrics blend artful observations with fluent shifts in languages and an idiosyncratic sound coloured by instruments they have adopted on their trails.

Hate Moss released their first LP ‘LIVE TWOTHOUSANDHATEIN’ through their label Stock-a production in collaboration with the South American label Discos Rebeldes. It was recorded in one take at Relaxo Studio in Florence, Italy and mixed/mastered at Fine Arts Studios in London, UK.

In March 2022, the duo will release their second album – standby for further details in the weeks to come.

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