Helen Townsend “Battlefield”
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Helen Townsend “Battlefield”

Walyalup / Perth, renowned Americana artist, Helen Townsend, is back with the video for her latest single, ‘Battlefield,’ the second release from her highly anticipated forthcoming album. Following in the footsteps of ‘Is This Love,’ a track praised as “irresistible honky-tonk blues” by an anonymous critic, ‘Battlefield’ showcases a completely distinct musical proposition.


With a commitment to exploring the spectrum of mortal love, Townsend embarks on a journey of highs and lows in her upcoming collection of songs. If ‘Is This Love’ represents the high point of this emotional journey, ‘Battlefield’ delves into the tumultuous cobblestones of despair that often pave the way to the transcendence of unconditional love.


In ‘Battlefield,’ Townsend’s evocative lyrics, “Words are like poison / Sharp and unkind,” extend her ability to bare her soul and create a universal connection through her personal experiences. This candid self-expression is a driving force for musicians, and Townsend excels in making her personal life and words resonate with all of us.


‘Battlefield’ delivers a slow and restrained melody, with Townsend’s passion and intensity simmering just below the surface. Her unique voice, rooted in Nashville and spanning the Pacific, is accentuated by the instrumentation. Townsend pays homage to the legacy of country-rock artists who preceded her, yet her songs remain uniquely her own.


‘Battlefield’ promises to be a slow-burning sensation that offers a delicately nuanced counterpoint to ‘Is This Love.’ Listeners are encouraged to savour this musical masterpiece before Townsend’s next release, allowing ‘Battlefield’ to become a timeless accompaniment to their own peaks and troughs of true romance.

The video for the track matches the intensity and passion of the song with atmospheric and artful visuals.

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