Hellz Abyss “Trouble”
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Hellz Abyss “Trouble”

It’s no secret that the world is currently stuck in some sort of crazy bad dream. Bad moods, confusion and frustration are everywhere. Some choose to lay down and give in. Hellz Abyss thrives on the twisted, sick game of life. Choosing to accept the challenge by damning the negative taboo to Hell, going bat shit crazy and releasing some great new hard rock and signing some amazing contracts while they are at it.

The Devil from down-under, Hellz Abyss is back and there has been lots to celebrate in Hellz with their brand new EP. POTTYMOUTH. Officially released on the 12th of September 2021 through Revenge of Eve Records, the EP takes hold of this current fragile atmosphere and summons the elephant in the room to come forward and be dealt with. The EP consists of 5 brand new releases from the same writers and collaborators of Hellz Abyss that brought you this year’s earlier cult favorite album N1FG.

Australia’s Lisa Perry and Daryl Holden are known for their dark rock anthems and this time they have added some extra saltiness to match the current mood. The EP POTTYMOUTH speaks to everyone who needs some much needed stress release in 2021. With an eccentric smorgasbord of powerful vocals, melodies and lyrics from Lisa Perry, Daryl Holden ‘s superb production skills and guest guitar solos from Stephen Brogan. This EP is something to get excited about.

With the dust slightly settling Hellz Abyss is looking forward to joining band members Mick Jones (Bass), Mark McLeod (Drums), Dean Fistlord (Guitar) to tour the UK and Europe in June 2022 with the HELLCATS on the Hotter than Hell Tour, International women of rock.

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