Johnny Stimson “Material Things”
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Johnny Stimson “Material Things”

In “Material Things,” Stimson explores how it felt being alone over the pandemic. He confides, “I wrote material things as a satire to point out and notice how easy it can be to seek joy in the things around us. I got a Tamagotchi over quarantine and it almost felt like a real friend for a while. Sometimes relationships with people can be hard, so this is a caricature of my occasional desire to just be alone with my video games and guitars. Ultimately, I don’t believe there’s much joy to be found in material things, but this is a song about confusing the dopamine hit of buying stuff with true happiness.”

Johnny Stimson blends a soulful rasp with a modern pop sensibility to create melodies that make a little home in your heart. Sprinkled with RnB overtones and a classic singer/songwriter sensitivity, he aims to spread love through music. Elton John signed Stimson to Rocket Records in 2015 after his single, “Holding On”, broke a Shazam record for an unsigned artist in the U.K.

His songs have been featured in many TV shows and advertisements, including Vampire Diaries, The Flash, Trophy Wife, and The Fosters. In 2018, Stimson’s song, “Honeymoon” went viral in Indonesia, peaking at #2. Following tours with SoMo and Tori Kelly, Stimson is releasing a series of songs for his upcoming project, including self-produced singles “Flower”, “Hard to Say Goodbye”, “Smile” and “Butterflies”.

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