Karmacoda “Lo Fi Girl”
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Karmacoda “Lo Fi Girl”

Award-winning pop trio KARMACODA have shared the hand-animated video for their mellow track, ‘Lo-Fi Girl’. The video was animated by Shubhranshu and Shephali at the Entangled Studio in India. The song is taken from their latest album, Slow Down, Melt and Catch Fire released on the 2nd July via Sola Musa Music. On the LP, listeners will also find the unique single ‘Make Me The One’ with its stunning video that won numerous awards including two 2021 Hermes Creative Awards (Platinum), one Unglued Music Video (Gold) and three Davey Awards for Video Entertainment, Best Use of Music and Art Direction (all Silver).

The trio has received support from the likes of CLASH Magazine, Clout Magazine, Hotpress, Medium, Backseat Mafia, CelebMix, Son Of Marketing, VENTS Mag and Irish National radio RTÉ 2XM’s Dan Hegarty, to name a few. In total, KARMACODA has gained just under 650 000 plays across streaming platforms and have had their creations placed in several film and TV scores.

The team is composed of Jessica Ford (vocals), founding member Brett Crockett (aka B. on vocals and producer) and Japanese-American multi-instrumentalist Eric Matsuno (bass and other unique elements). B., originally from Chicago, is currently based in San Francisco along with the rest of the band. Jessica spent 10 years living in Nashville, TN. While creating their otherworldly music, KARMACODA, turn to the variegated likes of Massive Attack, Radiohead, Florence And The Machine and Gotye. Between the lead singer’s stunning vocals and the sophisticated production style, the album calls to a unique combination of Massive Attack, Radiohead, Frank Ocean, Glass Animals plus Sia, Adele, Hope Sandoval and Alicia Keys.

KARMACODA explore a simple world set in a bygone time within their latest video. Using simpler, techniques such as hand-drawn animation, the viewer’s attention is drawn to the less simple storyline of endless possibilities and missed connections, all brushed with a tinge of hope against a forlorn backdrop. Gentle and yet thought-provoking, the video for ‘Lo-Fi Girl’ will leave you thinking about the characters for days to come.

B. tells us about the creation of the video: “We reached out to Shubhranshu and Shephali at Entangled Studio because their artistic vision for the music video fit perfectly with the somber, even sad, emotions conveyed in the song. We’re thrilled by the results.”

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