KILL, THE ICON! “Bourdain”
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KILL, THE ICON! “Bourdain”

“Bourdain,” the new single from protest punk duo KILL, THE ICON!, explores the impact that the loss of a personal hero can have. The track’s namesake is the late Anthony Bourdain, who made his mark on the world as a celebrated chef and cultural documentarian.

Bassist and vocalist Nishant Joshi spent time revisiting Bourdain’s famed “Parts Unknown” series during last year’s lockdown, and mulled over how surreal it felt that a man who seemingly “had it all”and made such a global impact through his work could truly be gone. That said, the single acts as a tribute to Bourdain and the legacy he left on the greater creative community. “Bourdain ” will be the second release from KILL, THE ICON! in just under hree months.

This past November saw the release of their critically acclaimed debut single “Buddhist Monk,” which told the story of the self-immolation of Thich Quang Duc, who sacrificed himself in protest of the persecution of his fellow Buddhists in 1963 Vietnam. Much like its predecessor, “Bourdain” musically delivers snarl, thrash, grit, and a flair for storytelling through sound – crafting an unignorable elixir of thoughtfulness and raw energy.

KILL, THE ICON! is fronted by Joshi, a doctor who successfully took the UK government to court over their lack of protection of his fellow healthcare workers during the onset of the pandemic. KILL, THE ICON! sees Joshi, already a seasoned musician from his work in The Palpitations, meld his musical skill and fighting spirit into one.

Notably, though, the band is changemakers creating songs about changemakers. This makes their existence a welcome tonic to the pseudo-anarcho “lad rock” that we see pushed more often than we should. In other words, KILL, THE ICON! go beyond just walking the walk — they pave the path too.

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