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Leezy released her newest single today, “Girls Like You” — her first track since “Crybaby” in 2020. This song is another of many that Leezy has written recounting her real life experiences as a latinx, bisexual, teenage drug addict (though she celebrated two years of sobriety this week). Leezy is a true storyteller, and her dreamy melodies will have “Girls Like You” stuck in your head after just one listen.

Leezy wrote the track “Girls Like You” to tell her version of the time-old tale of unrequited love. “The line between friends and lovers was really blurry” she recounts of the relationship, “and that can quickly feel unfair – when one person is way more into it than the other. That’s what this song is about: being led on by someone, and all of the confusion that comes with that.”

At just 21 years old, the Chicago-based singer-songwriter exudes a wisdom far beyond her years. Leezy is unable to remember a time when she wasn’t singing or writing — she recalls a musical childhood, surrounded by theater and the arts, and has kept a journal since she was ten years old, always ready to be in touch with her internal dialogue. Leezy’s story-telling ability is on full display in “Girls Like You,” complimented by her lyrics and vocals reminiscent of a dark, provocative Lana Del Ray.

Leezy is a master of contrasts. Managing to incorporate the rock elements of the late 90s and early 2000s into her bright sound, she matches her penchant for the gritty and authentic with honest stories. Leezy has been writing from a young age and is inspired by the likes of Elliot Smith and Lana Del Rey but speaks to a new generation with life experience beyond her years, hoping to make listeners feel less alone in their individual journeys. From her roots in the Bay Area to her current home of Chicago, she is a singer-songwriter crafting a world of dream-pop — and inviting the listener in to spend time with her there.

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