LUMER “Dead Conversations”
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LUMER “Dead Conversations”

LUMER are a 4 piece band from Hull. After years of touring around the block and multiple releases, they return with a long-promised, long-awaited (by someone perhaps) debut album. A long time coming, the album focuses on themes of monotony, boredom, populism, life and death. Written during a transformational time for the band, the album resonates with a more mature style. The album was recorded in part by themselves at Eiger Studios and by Mathis Kolkoz at Golden Claws studios and reflects the different environments in which the band were situated during this time. Ultimately it has a texture and flavour that can keep a listener returning back to – like last night’s takeaway.

First single from the album is ‘Dead Conversations’  – “A passing thought of conversations I would have rather not been apart of, whether the subject was wrong or the manner in which it began. Out of politeness it can be difficult to leave, to me that defines a Dead Conversation of which I have had so many.”

-Official bio

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