Minny Pops “1234 Satisfy”
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Minny Pops “1234 Satisfy”


New single and video ‘1234 Satisfy’ is laying the groundwork for the release of MINNY POPS’ new album ‘Stockholm__1974’_ on 17 July 2024.

“1234 Satisfy” is all about instant gratifications, fulfilling your desires and connecting with your loved ones. The song is uplifting with Mark Ritsema and Louise Woodcock the catchy ‘Satisfy – Satisfy’ chorus.

‘Stockholm__1974’_ is Minny Pops’ first full-length album in 40 years, after the release of their highly underrated ‘4th Floor’ album in 1984.

Of the new Minny Pops album, frontman Wally van Middendorp says:

“‘Stockholm_1974 is based on the year 1974-1975 when I was an exchange student in Brunna, Sweden about 40 minutes outside of Stockholm. It brings back memories of my new family and my own family; and I felt privileged that I had two dads and two mums that year. And a new brother and sister. At times I was homesick and lonely, I missed my dad, and I missed our dog, but that year and this experience helped me become who I am.’’

Release of the ‘Stockholm_1974’ is just the start of the resurrection of Minny Pops with three more albums to be released in 2025, 2026 and 2027 as well as live performances, poetry readings and Minny Pops karaoke nights.

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