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MORNING TOURIST – the alias of rising London alt/folk act Sean McKinney – is pleased to present his brand new single: “Small Flame”. The track arrives as the first taster of a brand new album, ‘The Endless Eve’, which will arrive in 2023.

Revolving around an idea that could have stemmed from the minds of H.G. Wells or Aldous Huxley, “Small Flame” is a sci-fi love song filled with what-ifs and parallel realities, dreams and decisions. Imagining a world in which we could freeze time at the peak of a relationship, “before the honeymoon is inevitably over and the once intense gold rush of new love gives way to a reality of more sedate, sobering thoughts and fears for the future”, “Small Flame” is a song that steps into the shoes of a central protagonist caught-up by such daydreams.

As Sean McKinney AKA Morning Tourist explains of the track:

“Most of the song was written in the passionate haze of a new relationship, but was ultimately completed following its ending. By the conclusion of the song, the perspective of the author has changed from one of a charmed romantic, to that of a rueful self saboteur. While this song was written with the benefit of hindsight, its competing voices are not just reflective, but illustrate the pessimistic thoughts one tries to dismiss at a time when things are actually going well and life is good”.

A song that philosophises on how the thoughts we have and the choices we make can so easily reshape our relationships forever, “Small Flame” ultimately considers whether one’s scepticism in love can serve as a self-fulfilling prophecy, and whether it is always wise to trust the extremity of one’s emotions at any given moment.

An incandescent alternative/folk song to stave off the chill of Autumn, “Small Flame” vividly burns with the bright potential of a new songwriting talent you need to know about. Flickering with shades of Eliott Smith to The Shins, Sparklehorse to Villagers, the song is the first to be plucked from an upcoming 9-track debut album from Morning Tourist entitled ‘The Endless Eve’, which is set for release in January 2023.

With all songs composed and written by MT’s Sean McKinney (including instrumentation of Acoustic & Electric Guitar/Percussion/Vocals/Keys), the album was recorded at Shenley Studios, Rushmoor (UK). Produced and Engineered by Tom Davis, it features guest appearances from Jody Lahart (Bass), Sam Cahalin (Synth), plus electric guitars by Harvey Fenny (on the closing track “Perfect Sense”).

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