Mr Bruce “DARK AGE”
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Mr Bruce “DARK AGE”

Thanks to producer, Angus Kemp, “Dark Age,” is a shameless full fat tech house banger garnished with flamboyant lyrics that skip and twirl like a figure skater over punchy kick drums and a growling bassline.

Be warned, the chorus will happily reside in your frontal cortex and remind you of its presence at every available opportunity.

And beware, the second half seemingly implodes and the growler of a bassline bites like a bear.

Mr Bruce AKA Ian Bruce is the former frontman of The Correspondents, one of Britain’s most in-demand festival acts for a decade. An acclaimed portrait artist and an award-winning animator in his own right, Mr Bruce began hatching plans for a solo career while on tour in Australia with The Correspondents in 2018. Bored in hotel rooms between shows, he found himself writing dance music that harked back to his early clubbing days, rather than the jazz and swing infused sound with which he found fame. Fleshing out the songs in the UK with the London-based producer Angus Kemp, Mr Bruce arrived at a collection of club-ready cuts you can hear on ‘RACE TO NOWHERE’.

Raiding decades of UK dance, from tech house and drum’n’bass to garage and dancehall, the five-track EP finds Mr Bruce letting loose as never before, creating a record that was flamboyantly fun, yet lyrically deep; touching on an intense array of topics, from the climate crisis to the breakdown of his marriage in 2019, and his late twin brother, and the untimely passing of his Correspondents partner-in-crime Tim Cole (who passed away from a pulmonary embolism aged just 35).

Writing hard-hitting pop songs designed for the dance floor, Mr Bruce took his latest creations to live spaces across the UK in 2022 in what proved to be a boundary-pushing experience. Further live dates and festival shows will follows this Summer.

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