Mudflower “Another Way”
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Mudflower “Another Way”

Chicagoland-based indie blues/rock band Mudflower announce their single, “Another Way,” from their forthcoming EP Flore, to be released 2/25/22. “Hitting all of the right spots about alienation, just like grunge rock did 30 years ago, “Another Way” was born of frustration, of feeling disassociated, and the dream of a world that would work better for all the brooders and introverts out there.

It’s idealistic in nature, a musing and consideration of what things would be like if you could have them your own way.” ( band explained, “‘Another Way’ is about not fitting in. It is born of frustration, but certainly more about dreaming of a world and society that would simply work better for the makeup and personality of the person living in it. It is a dreamer’s song. A what if scenario being played out in the person’s head. The band decided to call themselves “Mudflower”.

This name was inspired by a Lotus flower in Asia that grows out of the mud. “Mudflower represents beauty from ugly. Something good from something bad. A flower blooming from the mud,” they stated. The trio was able to quickly release a few songs in 2020 before the world was shut down due to Covid 19. The band made it their mission to come out of lock down with new tunes ready for the studio.

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