NOANNE “Goodwill”
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NOANNE “Goodwill”

Emerging from Prague, NOANNE is an artist whose melodious tales paint vivid landscapes of raw emotions and unconventional perspectives. She weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of sound, drawing listeners into her realm of introspection and self-discovery. In a world where conformity reigns, NOANNE stands as a delightful enigma, finding solace and inspiration within her introverted nature. The stages of theater, the reels of film, the realms of music and the captivating world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) become her sanctuary, where she sheds the veil of self-consciousness and steps into the spotlight of pure artistic expression. It is through these immersive artistic mediums that she reveals her true essence, leaving no corner of her soul unexplored.


NOANNE’S latest release is a stunning video for the acoustic version of “Goodwill” which delivers a unique and poignant approach, delving into the darker aspects of the holiday season. This video, a departure from the usual festive cheer, is designed to narrate a story of loneliness and introspection during a time traditionally associated with joy and togetherness.


Set in an old Hollywood style, the video features NOANNE, donned in a shimmering white dress, delivering an emotionally charged performance on a theater stage. The stark contrast of her attire against the backdrop of black curtains and a black stage artfully symbolizes the darkness that often surrounds us, even amidst the glitter and glamour. This setting is a deliberate choice to emphasize the timeless quality of the narrative, steering clear of specific time references to create a more universal and enduring message.


As the video unfolds, it interweaves scenes of NOANNE wandering through the city, embodying a solitary figure amidst the festive hustle. In a poignant twist, she is seen carrying a Christmas present, a symbolic representation of the gift of understanding and embracing one’s solitude. This visual metaphor powerfully conveys the idea that loneliness can be a profound and insightful experience, offering a deeper comprehension of our true selves.


Unlike the original version, the acoustic rendition offers a distinctly different vibe, one that resonates more deeply with the introspective and somber themes of the song. This version was not initially planned, but its creation reflects the artists’ desire to challenge the conventional expectations of festivity and happiness during the Christmas season.


The acoustic video for “Goodwill” is a bold and artistic statement, inviting viewers to explore the darker, more reflective side of the holidays. It stands as a testament to NOANNE’s creative vision, blending the elegance of old Hollywood with a narrative that acknowledges and honors the complexity of human emotions during a time often oversimplified as merely joyous.

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