North Atlantic Explorers “We’re A Wildfire”
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North Atlantic Explorers “We’re A Wildfire”

The fourth North Atlantic Explorers’ album, ‘Night Owls,’ touts an undercurrent of sadness, beauty, and atmospherics. The songs are diverse and sophisticated, encompassing elements of classic pop, orchestral, ’60s psychedelia, and a mid ’70s understated groove. The meshing of grandiose choral harmonies, a horn section, and extended improvisational jams alongside moments of ambience conjure shared commonalities with The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds.

North Atlantic Explorers are a cinematic group from Vancouver, led by Glenn D’Cruze, who stepped out from behind the drum kit to navigate his own ship. Glenn played with Vancouver bands who released albums on Nettwerk and Mint Records, and toured internationally. The album title, Night Owls, is a reflection of D’Cruze’s solitary and nocturnal nature, and his affinity for the tranquility and mystery of the pre-dawn hours.

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