Pink Footage “Stuck”
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Pink Footage “Stuck”

Liverpool four-piece – PINK FOOTAGE – have unveiled “Stuck”, the band’s debut single under their new moniker.

A crooked and angular offering that sees spiky post-punk rhythms and frenetic guitars jostle against warped spoken-word vocal harmonies, “Stuck” is a nod to the claustrophobia and restlessness that led the foursome to form Pink Footage in the first place.


Of the story behind the new track, Michael Edward of the band explains:


“It’s about stagnation: personal, romantic, artistic. It’s the suffocating feeling of routine calcifying around you as time gets faster, and feeling that urge to tear everything up.”

With the track’s main riff dating back to the band’s former life, “Stuck” wasn’t officially finished until they began thrashing out ideas in what they remember as a “super collaborative and experimental” recording process_._


“The band had learned to do a large part of the recording ourselves” Michael adds, “so we had the time to try new techniques and let the song unfold in the recording process, rather than having to nail it on a short timescale like you have to when the clock’s ticking on your studio budget.”


Recorded between Yellowbird Studios, RPM Studios and Michael’s own flat, “Stuck” was mixed and mastered by Michael and engineered by Peter Harrison and Connor Dickson.


Pink Footage are Oli Cummins, Michael Edward, Hannah Lodge and Tom Shand. Rising from the ashes of Liverpool rock stalwarts Elevant, the band were born after realizing they’d “wasted the time gifted to them by Covid doing the same thing they always did” and deciding it was time for a change.


Taking the old horse round the back and giving it a coup de grace, the band’s old set list was laid to rest, with memories glued into the photo album and placed firmly on the shelf. With a newfound identity as a four-piece thanks to the addition of Oli Cummins, the band saw their sounds taking a janky, angular and at times sinister turn.


Realizing the time had come to recognize this new chapter fully, the band christened themselves with a new name, Pink Footage, taken from a transformation they’d witnessed on old, chemically degraded war footage.


“It’s taking something hyper-masculine, and putting a jarring, pink, campy filter over it. We felt like that was a good mirror to the music we’re writing now, and to the post-modern way rock music is made now”.


Re-emerging with new purpose and with a whole new live set-up, Pink Footage are back with a bang. Debut single “Stuck” is out 18th August – turn it up!


22/9 – Future Yard in Birkenhead (supporting System Exclusive)
12/10 – Jimmy’s,  Liverpool

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