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The Song Spotlight “Short Cuts” (formerly “Fastracks”) series includes a short clip of each track with links to the artists full videos.


Song Spotlight Podcast Ep 6 (8/26/18)

We have an interesting, diverse list this week. We’re spotlighting a country singer/songwriter from a farm in eastern Iowa, named Stevey. He started in music by mimicking his dad doing something “different” than most artists.

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Song Spotlight Podcast Ep 3 (8/5/18)

This week, we are spotlighting a singer/songwriter, Kris Angelis, who had gone thru several losses while working in this EP. Those real-life experiences helped shape these songs that are about healing one’s self as well

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Song Spotlight Podcast Ep 1 (7/22/18)

This week’s Song Spotlight: Ali Jacko (rock) ‘Army Of Angels’. Freya Alley (pop music) ‘Come Back’. Clayton Morgan (R&B/Soul) ‘Taste For Love’. DOWNLOAD ANY OF THESE FEATURED SONGS BELOW: Ali Jacko: ‘Army Of Angels’ FREYA

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