Psycho & Plastic “Fragile Targets (Ambient Version)”
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Psycho & Plastic “Fragile Targets (Ambient Version)”

Berlin-based ambient duo Psycho & Plastic released their first single of 2023, ‘Fragile Targets (Ambient Version)’, on 28. April. The pair have already earned over 4 million plays across platforms with support from Son Of Marketing, CLASH Magazine, NPR, Metal Magazine, Electronic Groove, Data Transmission and BBC Radio 6’s Andrew Weatherall, as well as Ambient Flo and the UK radio station Worldwide FM to name a few.

Psycho & Plastic is comprised of Alexandre Decoupigny and Thomas Tichai who have been creating music together since 2011. Over the years, and through several musical transformations, the duo have released four albums as well as two EPs as they draw upon the works of Mouse On Mars, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Leftfield, Brian Eno, Aphex Twin, Robot Koch, Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross for inspiration. Their own sound calls to mind the likes of Brian Eno, Ólafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm.

Foregoing preconceived notions, Psycho & Plastic’s music speaks from the soul, as they create an ambient world with their sound. Aiming their music towards “the thinkers and readers, the doubters and dreamers”, each note is chosen carefully to reflect the lingering concepts that arrange themselves at the back of a person’s mind.

CLASH Magazine on single ‘Fragile Targets’:
“A chance to explore creativity in widescreen, Psycho & Plastic respond to the challenge of crafting a full length album with some of their best work yet. New single ‘Fragile Targets’ leads the way, with the duo’s painterly touch coming to the fore. Utilising emotion as an instrument in itself, ‘Fragile Targets’ taps into their club roots, while providing something more nuanced.”

NPR/KUTX 98.9 Song of the Day on track ‘Back and Forth’ and album ‘Phantom Bliss’:
“Psycho & Plastic have engineered electronic brilliance that gives even Brian Eno a run for his money. (…) At the start of July, Psycho & Plastic released Phantom Bliss, a lyric-less sonic safe space for you to be alone with your thoughts. The aural apparitions on Phantom Bliss are among Psycho & Plastic’s greatest to date, and will have you pressing ‘repeat’ with enduring earworms like ‘Back and Forth’”

Metal Magazine on single ‘Back And Forth’:
“The ethereal elements and emotions that this latest release evokes demonstrate, once again, that sound has no borders and is not subject to specific categories.”

VENTS Magazine on video for ‘Back And Forth’
“Psycho & Plastic allow the mind to wander through a monochromatic world in their latest video as each twist and turn in the footage forces a new perspective.”

Paul Hanford, author of ‘Coming to Berlin – Global journeys into an electronic music and club culture capital’ (Velocity Press 2022)
“The duo left thumping rhythms back in a world that had stopped and they used ambience to tap into emotion. Less drone-based and more melodically arranged(…), their own personal response to the situation reminds me, in its gaping beat-less synth melancholia, of Tangerine Dream.”

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