Ralphy Grey “Dance With Me”
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Ralphy Grey “Dance With Me”

Ralphy Grey, the up-and-coming music producer from Berlin, is once again wowing audiences with his latest hit “Dance with Me”. This song, too, has the potential to land chart positions. The new song is sung by HILLER, the singer of the successful vocal group Maybebop.

Ralphy Grey’s message: more than just music

Ralphy Grey has a clear mission: he wants to make people happier. With his successes to date, including chart positions and thousands of streams on platforms such as Spotify, he has proven that he builds a unique connection with his fan base. The newcomer artist not only provides good music with his tracks, but also positive vibes and an optimistic attitude towards life.

The story behind “Dance with Me”

The song “Dance with Me” is an uplifting masterpiece that captures the energy and joy of an unforgettable night. In a world where we are often overwhelmed by everyday worries, this track invites us to leave it all behind and savour the moment. It’s the anthem for escaping the daily grind and immersing ourselves in the music that unites us all.

The numbers speak for themselves

Ralphy Grey has already proven in the past that he is an up-and-coming talent. With catchy tunes such as “Release the Beast” and “Run Run Run (Stay Awake)”, he has established himself in the newcomer charts and has even made it onto Spotify editorial playlists. His musical successes in 2023 have been heard around the globe and include chart placements on various music blogs and online radio stations.
An unforgettable night awaits you
“Dance with Me” is more than just a song. It is an invitation to celebrate life, dance together and forget the worries of everyday life. This track conveys a message of joy and connection. Ralphy Grey is on its way to becoming the musical trademark of pure joie de vivre and enthusiasm.
Keep your eyes and ears open, because “Dance with Me” promises to bring an unforgettable night of music and joy. Dance together with Ralphy Grey & HILLER and experience the magic of this unique composition.

About Ralphy Grey

Ralphy Grey is an up-and-coming music producer from Berlin who has already shone in the independent charts with several catchy tunes in 2023. His music is not only entertaining, but also inspiring and spreads a positive message.


HILLER is a member of the successful vocal group Maybebop. His versatile voice and musical talent have made him a much sought-after artist.
A warm Hello from Berlin … Ralphy

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