Ralphy Grey “I’m a Rebel”
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Ralphy Grey “I’m a Rebel”

Berlin-based Ralphy Grey produces powerful and uplifting retro electro-house pop. The music was too arty for mainstream house, too pop for synthwave and retrowave. Best of all is the best description of Ralphy Grey’s music: powerful house beats, punchy basslines, catchy melodies and poppy song structures combined with contemporary vintage glamour. Never backward or blue, but trying to move and move people in the here and now.

However, Ralphy´s story begins much earlier.

The son of a musical family from what was then East Germany, Ralphy Grey was exposed to rock and pop music at an early age. He learned to play guitar, piano and drums very early. Ralphy, on the other hand, has started recording his school band on a cassette recorder. As a student, he boosted his pocket money by working as a student DJ. Since it was almost impossible to get records in the former GDR, he recorded his favorite music on tape every night on the radio. He later created his own mixes using the bounce technique by using his cassette recorder and tape machine.

When his school friend got a synthesizer from the West, Ralphy was captivated and together they formed their first band. He started playing the bass guitar. He later studied music in Leipzig and Berlin. Never satisfied with the sound other studios were recording for his bands, he started producing more himself again.

In 2015, Ralphy Gray opened his first studio at the legendary GDR „Funkhaus“ in Berlin’s Nalepastrasse. His Mission Control Studio has changed locations several times and has produced work for many national and international artists.

In 2020, a Hamburg publisher asked us to make synthwave music. That was the initial spark for Ralphy Grey and his own project. This is how his first album „Neon Journey“ was born. But this music is too retro for Ralph. He experimented for a while, and his new mix, “Contemporary Retro Electro House Pop,” was born. The first songs in this direction were “Halloween is back” feat. Lucia Burana and “Releasee the Beast” featuring Sandy Sage – to be found on all streaming platforms.

“When I’m producing music and writing my own songs, I’m looking for that moment that gets me off my chair and makes me dance in the studio. When the groove grabs me and the powerful bassline won’t let me go, that’s when a good song comes out. I want to reach people with my powerful beats, spread a positive vibe and give earworms…” Music is the language that everyone understands. In this sense, Ralphy Grey wants to spread passion, energy, motivation and positive vibes.

In the studio Ralphy Grey prefers to work with analog synthesizers and other equipment. “… These old instruments just offer me more inspiration and have a more emotional sound …”

The latest song “I’m a Rebel” with B.O.N was released on June 30- follow this link to listen:

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