Red River Hymn “L’Anguille”
4 male band member in front of white brick building

Red River Hymn “L’Anguille”

Nashville-based Rock/Alternative and self-proclaimed “Sad Southern Rock” group Red River Hymn announce their latest video/single “L’Anguille,” ahead of their upcoming EP, Oakview, due out this September. “‘L’Anguille’ opens on driving guitars pumping out infectious gritty energy flowing into a potent rhythm riding tight, crunching percussion as a braying organ infuses the tune with swaggering textures.

Patton’s edgy, rasping voice imbues the lyrics with alluring pressure and aching timbres.” (The Young Folks) “Featuring infectious guitar riffs, and a classic alternative sound,” ( the band states,“L’Anguille” and the video, “This song came to life after writing the hook ‘It just can’t always be c’est la vie.’

This idea weaves its way through the song’s narrative about watching someone you care for making, what you think are, bad life decisions. Trying to empathize, these worries become more of a mirror to your own insecurities and shortcomings. When we decided to do a lyric video for it, we wanted it to have this pensive/reflecting feel to it, reflecting on the song’s message and feel, and put a twist on the typical lyric video.

Drawing inspiration from The Replacements ‘The Ledge’ or ‘Bastards of Young’ music videos, we decided to give it an anti-music video style. Typically, lyric videos tend to be repeating graphics. When executed correctly, it can be very effective; with blending in live footage, we thought it could add tension to it. We want the viewer to want to stick around and see if anything happens and to feel that tension. We also wanted to keep the rat character involved to tie into the album concept art, plus it’s just a really comfortable piece of clothing.”

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