Reverend Genes “First Star”
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Reverend Genes “First Star”

Reverend Genes hail from NSW Australia and do music, and through the kindness of the creative commons community, also a little music video.

The Space Time Change series of EPs were written and recorded over two years in NSW Australia. The release consists of three, five track EPs known as Space, Time and Change.
All things, must interact with space, time and change. Everything moves and exists within these constraints.

Themes across the recordings touch on sustainability and human concepts. From movement and dreams, to relationships, our environment, and outcomes. How is it that our species neglects their own kind and nature, while throughout history low-fluencers have consistently leveraged followers to drive their own objectives?

Do we have the space and time to change?

Reverend Genes’ sound is drawn from the music of Australian pubs and clubs. This music is in turn influenced by the music that emerged from the UK and the USA in the second half of the 20th century.
A single coil Stratocaster, Deluxe Reverb Amp, Precision bass, and a few acoustic guitars form the core sound. Sampled Rhodes and B4 organ patches are played and sequenced, and the drums and effects use a mix of live triggers and sample playback.

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