Scott Matthews “My Selfless Moon”
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Scott Matthews “My Selfless Moon”

New Scott Matthews single_, My Selfless Moon_, is the first to be taken from his forthcoming album, Restless Lullabies, in which the Ivor Novello award-winning songwriter has boldly reincarnated the songs of its electronic predecessor, New Skin, with an equally audacious offering of the purist acoustic soundscape that has long been coveted by fans.

My Selfless Moon is a haunting, mesmeric dreamscape. Its soul-stirring delicacy and raw energy shows a songwriter unafraid to lay down his world and carry the listener right into the heart of it.  For those who have witnessed his breathtakingly emotional live shows, this is as close as he has ever gone to recreating the unique live experience he has become so renowned for.

On the new single, Matthews explains, ‘Dealing with a tone of fragility, I wrote the chorus line, ‘I bend, I bow more weak than strong. Carefully the fragile break, tender from the night, I’m her fear; I’m miles from moonlit sky, guiding her blind’. It takes strength and resilience to carry the burden of belief and hope when sometimes you can’t see it for yourself but somehow the strength you need can come from those that don’t have any left to give.’.

Directed by Damien Hyde, the deeply artistic video for ‘My Selfless Moon’ explores the burden of belief and hope.

Matthews critically acclaimed song writing, vocals and acoustic guitar playing is in plain view, he’s left himself nowhere to hide, he is in the room with you – it is undeniably intimate and there’s once again bravery in this new evolution.

Matthews’ new album Restless Lullabies was mastered by Miles Showell at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, who praised it; thus, “It is not over emphasising things when I say that Scott’s forthcoming album is among the very best records I have worked on in my whole career”.

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