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From Forked River, NJ – the hard-hitting rock/metal band, Sekond Skyn has released their single/video for “MY HEAD”.  The band consists of Jesse Shar (Lead Vocals), Mark Monjoy (Guitar), Zack Miranowic (Guitar), Brian Jennings (Bass), and Tommy Spano (Drums/Backing Vocals).

These seasoned set of musicians play off each other so succinctly that the beat and melodies coincide effortlessly with the rhythm. Sekond Skyn creates a dynamic full sound and solidifies a behemoth stronghold that resonates. “My Head” undeniably relays their works and their forthcoming album release later this year. Sekond Skyn is a high-functioning beast that produces its well-known New Jersey sound. Get ready for a force to be reckoned with.

“It’s like giving someone all you’ve got and they abandon you emotionally. They mentally intrude on you and get in your head. Changing you into someone else. The only place you’re free is in your dreams. They’re in your head and you can’t go on this way. They take you and break you down and build you back up in their own way.”  – Jesse Shar

“My Head”: Song written by Sekond Skyn

Video shot and edited by Zack Miranowic

Sekond Skyn has had the privilege to share the stage with multiple national acts such as – Hell Yeah!, Life Of Agony, Monster Magnet, Ellefson, Stone Temple Pilots, and many more. Sekond Skyn’s sound is a diverse blending of blues-driven hard rock/metal riffs, southern rock vibes, and even elements of classic and stoner rock.

With Spano on drums and Jennings on bass, they cohesively lay the foundation for the group’s sound, providing a thunderous low end and rightly deliver punchy accents to perfectly match and set up every riff. Monjoy and Miranowic work in tandem with their eminent guitar work to provide harmonic and richly-layered sounds with colorful solos and melodies. At the very top, Shar’s expressive and diverse vocal talent can cater to any mood the band seeks to convey.

Over the last year, the band worked with Adrenaline Mob’s, Mike Orlando to record and mix their latest album_, Letting Go._  The album contains 10 songs, 9 of which are original and 1 cover from the band Chicago, “25 or 6 to 4.” Letting Go is due out sometime in late summer.

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