Shannon Smith “Dance The Night Away”
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Shannon Smith “Dance The Night Away”

Independent artist Shannon Smith’s debut single, “Dance The Night Away” has recently claimed the #1 position on the AIR Charts, the Australian Independent Records Label Association’s prestigious ranking. This success marks an incredible milestone for Smith as his infectious pop-soul track has surpassed renowned artists Kylie Minogue and Sia.


Smith’s “Dance The Night Away” offers a fresh and captivating sound, drawing on his deep-rooted musical heritage and rich influences. The track is a testament to his musical prowess, earning him this well-deserved recognition on the AIR Charts.


To celebrate the achievement and follow up the audio release of the single, Smith has now dropped an absolutely delightful and instantly loveable video for ‘Dance The Night Away’. Superbly choreographed and directed by Reilly Stewart and Dan Wilson, it makes brilliant use of extras, props and movement to convey the narrative of Smith’s romance with partner and fellow musician Helen Townsend.  A truly charming and uplifting feeling is conveyed through the video to the viewer throughout the video and it’s hard not to smile along and to share in the joy of their love for one another as Smith & Townsend dance together.

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