SHEHEHE “Get On My Lawn”
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SHEHEHE “Get On My Lawn”


Shehehe was founded in 2011, and since then they have toured extensively across the United States, earning a reputation for integrity, hard work, good music, and energetic live shows. Their music comes from their hearts and from their lived experience, and that autobiographical style is elevated by a combination of musical influences that culminates in something greater than the sum of its parts.

Get ready to dive into the whirlwind of the power-pop-meets-punk trio Shehehe, the band that’s been tearing up stages since their inception in 2011. Hailing from the vibrant musical scene of Athens, Georgia, Shehehe is the embodiment of DIY ethos, and unwavering commitment to the sheer power of music. Fusing the sensibilities of bands like The Ramones, Cheap Trick, and Bikini Kill, members Nicole Bechill (bass and vocals), Jason Fusco (drums and vocals), and Noelle Shuck (guitar and vocals), each bring a distinct style and musical background to the group, resulting in a sound that is unique and somehow familiar all at once.

Shehehe’s sonic onslaught fuses the ferocity of punk with the unrelenting drive of hard rock, creating a sound that’s as infectious as it is irresistible. With blistering guitar riffs, thunderous rhythms, and anthemic choruses, Shehehe’s music invites its audience to dance and sing along as if no one is watching.

With a string of EPs, albums, and even a few splits under their belt, including the acclaimed “Rock & Roll Queen,” and the riotous follow-up “Endless Summer,” Shehehe has firmly established themselves as one of the most exciting and hard-working bands in the underground punk scene. Now, with their upcoming album Namedroppers set to, well, drop, Shehehe is poised to unleash their most electrifying collection of songs yet, promising an honest, autobiographical and cathartic ride. Namedroppers is a collection of songs about, and therefore inspired by, people; their future life partners, folks from their youth and subsequent struggles with adulthood, the musical heroes that they will miss when they’re gone, the radio DJs that play their favorite songs as if just for them, and those who make the music that eternally affect us all.

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