Stellar Knights “Pisces”
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Stellar Knights “Pisces”

London — In the midst of a pandemic’s isolation, “Stellar Knights” emerged as a duo’s response to the world’s challenges. Comprising the dynamic talents of Stella and Duncan, this musical project started as Stella’s solo venture, it quickly evolved into an unparalleled collaboration, giving birth to their debut single, “Pisces.”

Stellar Knights refuses to be bound by musical labels; as their sound spans diverse genres including goth, grunge and progressive rock. “Pisces,” their debut release, resonates as both a tribute to artistic legends who left their mark prematurely and a compassionate acknowledgment of those wrestling with mental health struggles.

This single is a reminder of the power music holds to heal and inspire, showcasing how unity in creativity can emerge even during periods of solitude.

Stella shares, “Our music reflects the times—filled with emotion and transformation. ‘Pisces’ is just the first step in a larger exploration of the human experience through sound.”

Duncan adds, “We blend genres intentionally to mirror life’s diverse moments. ‘Pisces’ takes listeners through these moments, fostering unity and empathy.”

Stellar Knights’ “Pisces” release is just a glimpse of what this duo envisions for their future in the industry. Their melodies promise to resonate deeply, transcending boundaries and unifying listeners through sound.

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