Sun Rain “Fog Dance”
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Sun Rain “Fog Dance”

Ambient composer Sun Rain has shared his latest single ‘Fog Dance’ on the 19th of August, taken from the upcoming compilation Cosmic Vibrations Vol.3 via Deep Heads and compiled by Zeb Samuels. Having been one half of the electronic duo Snowday, the artist received support from noteworthy publications Exclaim!, Northern Transmissions, Decoded Magazine, and Dusty Organ, while under the alias Sun Rain he has been backed by the likes of Stereofox, Son Of Marketing, and Nagamag, and reached over 1,7 million streams on Spotify. In addition, his music has repeatedly been featured on the YouTube channel Ambient (523k subs).

Chad Skinner is a Toronto-born and based DJ, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, who played an active role in the music scene prior to the release of his debut album, Sheets, under his solo alias Sun Rain, which he launched in 2019 to fuse together his versatile compositional concepts. Chad comprised one half of the electronic duo Snowday and devotes his skillset to the producer collective BisonBison. Having worked alongside the likes of Alaskan Tapes, Pick a Piper and The Field Tapes (Kyle McEvoy), his sound is comparable to Rival Consoles, Nils Frahm, and Ólafur Arnalds.

The music presented pulsates cosmic vibrations, and ethereal energy and takes us on a journey to somewhere far away from planet earth. A true studio wizard, Sun Rain displays a multitude of talents within this recording. Lots of vintage tape machines, synths, and Saxophone all mold together to create something truly unique. The saxophone is played by Joseph Shabason, with Chad performing his compositions on synths, along with complex textures that shimmer in the background.

Speaking on his single, Sun Rain tells listeners: “For this piece I wanted to create something with a repetitive element that seems to grow and morph with the sounds around it. Gently inspired by Steve Reich my aim was to balance dark and murky with light and bubbly. The addition of the sax from Joseph Shabason really helped bring the track to life.”

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