The Candy Whips “A Drop Will Do”
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The Candy Whips “A Drop Will Do”


“’A Drop Will Do’ reflects on my struggle with alcoholism and the inner turmoil of trying to stop using, yet finding myself back in the grips of addiction with no control again and again,” explains Greg Downing of Oakland, CA-based glam synth band THE CANDY WHIPS about their new reflective and shimmery track. The single is taken from their upcoming angular synthpop album Artificial Melodies due out August 6th via** Kitten Robot Records**. “I can say proudly that this is a reflection of the past. I am currently two years sober and recovery is a big part of my life now,” he adds. “If there is anything people can take away from this song, I hope it’s to know that they are not alone and to reach out for help if they need it.”

With a chorus-drenched guitar ripping through beside a grooving bass track, the new single is inspired by the push and pull of dependency. Greg describes, “The song structure resembles the constant strife of trying to avoid using, giving in, and letting it wreak havoc in my life followed by brief periods of respite when I could string any amount of sobriety together, only to do it all over again.”

With Artificial Melodies, Wendy Stonehenge elevates the Candy Whips’ legacy by enlisting a powerhouse ensemble of seasoned Bay Area rock luminaries, including David Kurtz (Whateverglades), Greg Downing (Glitter Wizard), Melanie Burkett (Psychic Hit), and Warren Huegel (Daevid Allen’s University of Errors/Citay). Arranged thematically, the soon-to-be-released album displays two sides of the band’s personae. Side A unveils the band’s new sound, a sonic landscape Stonehenge playfully dubs ”post-glam” or “accidental goth.” On the flip side, we’re treated to the signature Candy Whips experience: a fusion of brooding new wave and pulsating synth-pop, meticulously crafted within the confines of a home studio and occasionally enriched by the skronking guitar wizardry of collaborator, Arthur Tea.

Also a member of celebrated Northern California glam rock band Glitter Wizard, Wendy Stonehenge’s side project Candy Whips was re-energized during the pandemic when his prospects of playing live shows were dashed. He holed up in his home studio and transported Kraftwerk’s roborock to Oakland, fusing punk, electronic and synthpop to pass the time. What emerged was his synth-drenched fever dream that delivered ‘80s Devo-fied New Wave into Modern Times. Known for creating the critically-hailed gonzo cyberpunk of his 2021’s debut LP Automaton, and 2023’s hypnotic A.L.T.C.H.B.S., Artificial Melodies is a force to be reckoned with. 
The Candy Whips is Wendy Stonehenge (lead vocals) with help from Greg Downing (guitar/backup vocals), David Kertz (keyboards/synthesizers), Warren Huegel (drums), and Melanie Burkett (bass). The new shimmery single “A Drop Will Do” is out now. Their upcoming album Artificial Melodies will be released on August 6th via Kitten Robot Records. Side one of the record is with the full Candy Whips band and side two is only Wendy Stonehenge.

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