The Gleeman “Somebody”
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The Gleeman “Somebody”

The Gleeman returns with the toe tapping infectious groove of ‘Somebody’. With anticipation building for his debut album ‘Something To Say’, expect to hear honest, well-crafted and thought-provoking songs inspired by his upbringing in West Cornwall, personal loss, inspirational figures and takes on mental health balanced with some uplifting fictional storytelling.

Somebody’s catchy chorus juxtaposes its conflicted tale of loss, loneliness and craving for companionship versus feelings of guilt and betrayal. Steadily gathering pace and building with impressive harmonies and bouncing brass, the song ends with an unexpected but welcome contemplative and poignant denouement.

The storytelling credentials of this rising artist are enriched further by this video made by BAFTA winning and EMMY nominated TV & Feature Film Director Martin Gooch, whom amplifies the song’s narrative. The video features ‘Harry Potter’, ‘The Royals’ and Sky Original film ‘Arthur’s Whisky’ actress Genevieve Gaunt and former ‘Neighbours’ actress Emily Milburn.

“Somebody forms part of a collection of songs which come under the banner of ‘The Ballad Of Aaron & Amy’ that feature the same protagonists and weave a single narrative across them. After losing the love of his life 10 years prior, Aaron is conflicted and torn. On one hand he continues to feel lonely and desires to share his life with ‘Somebody’. On the other he is trepidatious that he will be betraying his former partner if he moves on. In his desperation for a resolve, he beseeches through the ether for a sign from her that it’s OK.”

Having always written songs and reaching a point in his life when his children were grown up, The Gleeman embarked on this musical journey after gaining confidence in his battle with self-belief, realizing it was time to do something with his songs, no matter how onerous a journey it would be. After losing both his parents to dementia within a few months, the artist saw first-hand the positive effects of music on sufferers of the condition. It’s this personal experience of dementia that inspired him to poignantly collaborate with Music For Dementia, to help raise awareness. Determined to follow this endeavour and hopefully inspire new artists who are more advanced in age, The Gleeman’s path is proof that you are never too old to pursue your dreams, conveying the life experiences of your years through song and the power of music with the added health, well-being and cognitive benefits that playing an instrument as we age can bring.

‘Putting yourself out there, exposing yourself artistically and starting to perform for the first time without the armor and bravery of youth is a pretty tough gig on its own. Add into that an inauguration into the machinations of the music industry as an independent artist and trying to figure how best to navigate its murky waters, it’s certainly a challenge even after a 25 year commercial background professionally.’

-Official bio

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