The God Bombs “Bad Man”
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The God Bombs “Bad Man”

‘”Bad Man” developed from a live drum machine, bass and synth jam. The entire album is a dark existential flow of consciousness. This song is a rumination on being made a scapegoat and the need for us all to be reborn, reinvented and re-imagined in the present. I chose it as the lead single because it’s sexy and danceable, and Ricky Rubinson’s synth and delays took it to the next level of dub, goth, disco fusion.”‘ – Justin ‡ Symbol, leader of The God Bombs

The God Bombs is the Industrial punk rock brainchild of singer/bassist/programmer Justin Symbol. Formed as a trio in 2018, the band gained a cult following touring with Ministry, Mushroomhead, Chelsea Wolfe, Psyclon Nine & more. The band’s wild performances and sound, blending old-school electronics with trap and punk/metal, gained them notoriety in the North American goth-industrial and Metal scenes. This was captured on the band’s DVD ‘HEX LIVE’, which documented the Amerikkant Tour with Ministry, along with the EP ‘HEX’ and expanded debut album ‘HEXED: Hex Deluxe’.

2020’s ‘Plague Songs’ EP and 2022 ‘SUPERNOVAS’ featured Symbol’s then-girlfriend Nola Star as co-vocalist and saw the band develop its songwriting further, releasing a series of music videos for their fans during the global pandemic.

Now that the world has reopened, The God Bombs return with a dark, experimental new record, and a summer tour with 90’s punk rock puppet legends Green Jello (“Three Little Pigs”). The tour, which includes the infamous Insane Clown Posse festival ‘Gathering of the Juggalos’ will be sure to put The God Bombs back on the map nationally as they promote songs off their new album ‘VOL. 1: SIMULATION’.

‘VOL. 1’ is raw, oozing, live Industrial noise jams produced and performed by Justin Symbol and analog synth player Ricky Rubinson. Inspired by classic Avant post-punks like Throbbing Gristle, Skinny Puppy, and Joy Division, it represents an exciting new chapter and a fresh start for the band!

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