The Wesleys “A Lot To Lose”
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The Wesleys “A Lot To Lose”


Montreal’s Garage-Pop Provocateurs, The Wesleys, have just released their highly anticipated Self-Titled debut LP on Little Village Records. The debut album, on both digital and vinyl formats, is a dynamic exploration that builds upon the band’s distinct sound initially introduced in their acclaimed EP, Outside Voices. Across nine tracks, this album ventures into a sonic landscape that transcends conventional boundaries, blending elements of the rock, power pop, indie, and alternative genres. Drawing inspiration from iconic bands like The Clean, Teenage Fanclub, The Pixies, and The Replacements, The Wesleys deliver a captivating musical experience that will resonate with fans of diverse tastes. Continuing their DIY approach, this remarkable debut album effortlessly introduces new sonic dimensions and emotional depth to their ever-expanding musical repertoire, showcasing the band’s innate ability to craft mesmerizing melodies. With their debut album, The Wesleys embrace their DIY ethos, channeling their creativity into every aspect of the recording process. Their goal is simple: to create music that feels authentic and natural, a reflection of their shared passion and unwavering dedication. As an extension of their creative vision, the new animated video for “A Lot To Lose,” the last single of The Wesleys’ self-titled album, was crafted by Phil Osborn, a prop, video, and puppet artist based in Montreal. Girard mentioned, “We got familiar with Phil’s work through the music video he created with the one and only Cindy Lee and Montreal’s Night Lunch. We wanted to see Phil’s interpretation of our music. We didn’t give him much direction, preferring to tap into his creativity and let him chart his own course!”


Girard, one of the band’s founding members, shared a poignant backstory behind the band’s name, and the formative experiences that laid the foundation for The Wesleys’ collaborative spirit and creative synergy. “It’s a sad story to be completely honest with you. I had a friend named Wesley who passed away really young when he was 20 years old. And he was the one who actually got me into music in the first place. I didn’t come from a musical household or anything. Wesley got me into jamming for the first time, lent me a bass guitar, taught me some basic scales, and then I would go over to his place and he lived at this mansion. And at the time, there were I think like eight or nine people living there. It was in Killarney in Vancouver and the living room was just stacked up to the ceiling with amps. And we would jam there. It was like the best time I’d ever had in my life. And that’s what my friend Wesley did for me; he introduced me to my life.”


The Wesleys’ latest album represents a significant evolution from their previous work, the Outside Voices EP. Their approach to songwriting reflects a deeper level of dedication and clarity of vision, resulting in a cohesive musical identity. The album serves as a testament to the strong bond and collaboration among the band members, showcasing their shared camaraderie and friendship. In their modest DIY home studio, band member Pablo Garcia’s expertise in sound engineering shines, despite the limitations of their equipment. His skillful touch earned him the nickname “Wizard of Sound,” as he consistently delivers high-quality audio. Their recording process prioritizes capturing the essence of their music, starting with achieving the best drum track. They opt for a simple setup with minimal microphones, focusing on capturing a pleasing drum sound. Through live recordings as a band, they aim for authenticity and spontaneity, building upon each other’s energy to create a solid foundation for each song. If the guitars and bass align well during recording, they retain those tracks as is, resulting in a natural and organic sound. This method balances spontaneity with a commitment to achieving excellence in their music.

Step into the realm of William D’Amours, Quentin Chisolm, Pablo Garcia, and Henry Girard—a band whose chemistry is as undeniable as it is inexplicable. Their music isn’t just a product of talent; it’s a testament to the bond that binds them together—a bond that’s palpable in every chord they strike and every lyric they sing. With their unique blend of rock ‘n’ roll, The Wesleys craft songs that resonate with both heart and adrenaline, offering a glimpse into the human experience through their well-crafted melodies. In The Wesleys, collaboration is key. Each member brings their perspective and ideas to the table, fostering an environment of trust and creativity. Their collective effort drives their musical exploration, resulting in a sound that’s as diverse as it is cohesive. With everyone contributing and collaborating, The Wesleys create music that speaks to the soul and resonates with listeners of all backgrounds. Reflecting on their debut album, Henry Girard shares his belief that it will connect with a wide audience. “I think at the end of the day the album is going to resonate with a lot of people. It’s not like we’re trying to market it to everybody, but there’s a little something for everyone,” he says. With their DIY approach, The Wesleys have taken full control of their music-making process. “We’ve recorded an album, plain and simple and did everything ourselves. I guess we’re trying to do it in a way that feels very comfortable and kind of natural,” Henry adds. The Wesleys’ self-titled debut album is now available on vinyl via Little Village Records and on all major streaming platforms, inviting listeners to experience the magic for themselves.

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