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This Week’s New Music Discovery Podcast: 35 New Tracks (Ep. 57)

(Artist Bio) | December 18, 2019

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In this week’s podcast we’re spotlighting 35 new music releases, covering rock, alternative pop, indie rock, rap/hip-hop, indie pop, singer/songwriter, electronic, hard rock, alt rock, folk rock, pop, modular synth, metal, punk rock, alternative, R&B/soul and techno.




This week’s featured artists:

  1. Dar.Ra “Lights”
  2. Saint Mars “Help” (feat. Tryzdin)
  3. The Black Watch “Crying All The Time”
  4. T Barz “An Early Gift”
  5. Blue Sails “Chosen”
  6. Samuel Jack “We Are The Future”
  7. BisonBison “Recover”
  8. Dark Below “Halo”
  9. Saint Sapphire “She’s A Hero”
  10. Uppermost “Every Human Is An Artist”
  11. Mono Inc. “The Book Of Fire”
  12. Fallon Cush “Your Halo’s Bright”
  13. Blackbird Blackbird “It Hurts To Say Goodbye”
  14. Anatoli Tsampa “Everything Different”
  15. Koresma “Snow Globe”
  16. Sontag “Overwhelmed”
  17. West Wickhams “He’s Acquired A New Face”
  18. Bliss Nova “Going Places”
  19. Coozablack and Sin City “Christine”
  20. Runescarred “Inviting Rivers”
  21. Castle Black “Happy B’Day, 2Moro”
  22. Emmrose “Hopeless Romantics”
  23. Morning Bells “Ghost Story”
  24. Mike Baretz “Foolish To Try”
  25. Evon Rose “Something More”
  26. Messiah Ramkissoon “Black Fathers”
  27. Pushing Veronica “Bullshit”
  28. KB & The Idyllwilde “Madman”
  29. Until The Storm “Roads To The Lost”
  30. Kayla Grace “Note To Self”
  31. Yo Yo “Out Of Control”
  32. Circle Of Reason “Tie Up The Sky”
  33. Tuu Ra “London Girl” ft Oluwa Rankee & Fasache
  34. Black Heart Saints “Addicted To Love”
  35. KOMFORTRAUSCHEN “Mechatronik II”

Click the “” (below) to select a specific track. Scroll thru and enjoy!


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