VACANT WEEKEND “Cool New Friends”
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VACANT WEEKEND “Cool New Friends”

Landing just in time for the last days of summer, “Cool New Friends” blends balmy melodies and funk-laden guitar licks with twinkling percussion that is as iridescent as the early September dew.

Tackling the inevitable muddle of love, lust and friendship that characterizes coming-of-age during those final few sun-drenched days, the new cut blends relatable lyricism with danceable rhythms that traverse ‘70s funk and ‘00s indie-rock influences.

Refusing to compromise on the impeccable and idiosyncratic sound carved out on debut single “All Over”, the trio explain:

“”Cool New Friends” is a thoughtful second release that deeper explores the sound from “All Over”. The track consists of tight grooves, thick layers of funky guitar, melodic bass parts and a bright, emotive vocal. The song deals with themes of romantic confusion and addresses a character who almost perfectly contradicts the song’s title.”

Receiving early praise from Chris Hawkins on BBC Music as well as titles such as When The Horn Blows who praised “If The Strokes and Two Door Cinema Club had a baby who really loved funk, that baby would grow up to become Vacant Weekend”, the band’s eagerly anticipated second single “Cool New Friends” further testifies to the band’s cultivated and confident sound.

Blending jazz-tinged instrumentation reminiscent of Tom Misch with festival-ready, anthemic hooks that Two Door Cinema Club would be envious of, “Cool New Friends” deftly captures the band’s out-of-the-box approach to musicianship and sees the three-piece forge a scintillating style well beyond their years.

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After realizing early-on in their school careers that they didn’t quite fit in, Vacant Weekend are three friends who bonded over a shared love of music, and a vision of creation without fear. Coming together in 2019 after four or five years of each playing and writing in various different ensembles, the trio have embraced the sentiment of being outsiders whole-heartedly.

While the band’s drummer and lead singer met at school, during lessons they both found themselves uninterested in, the guitarist and drummer bonded over impromptu playground busking. After decking themselves out in clothes from a second-hand shop on a Cumbrian fell, Vacant Weekend emerged as a band that are, if nothing else, uniquely themselves.

With a sound that’s hard to place into a single genre, the trio expertly blend dry and funky syncopation with attentive harmonic choices and gritty adolescent themes — all performed by losers with excellent musicianship.

With the new tunes already debuted at the band’s recent live shows, including their set at Cumbria’s Solfest and a slot at this year’s Kendal Calling, Vacant Weekend’s glistening vintage grooves have already received an enormous reception from audiences.

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