Vanderzee “The Coming Day”
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Vanderzee “The Coming Day”

A new single from Vanderzee, “The Coming Day” exudes a catchy post-punk sound. “Every night I lie awake and think about the coming day,” the vocals let out with anticipation, gliding into hooky sections bolstered by guitars and synths — showing shades of The Killers and The Cure.

Vanderzee is a classical guitarist turned experimental producer based out of the NY Catskills.

He spends his time foraging for mushrooms, baking bread and yelling into microphones over beats influenced by hyper-pop, hip-hop, rock, jazz and whatever else happens to catch his ear.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Music Performance from The New School in NYC. “The Coming Day” is the first single from Vanderzee’s debut album, Divergent, which oscillates between attitudes of eternal hopefulness to crippling self doubt, grappling with the pressures one puts on oneself to be productive, while simultaneously attempting to not put expectations on the creative process. The seeds of many of these songs were planted while Vanderzee lived in a Zen monastery, the teachings of which are distilled in all of the music he creates.

Reminiscent of The Killers, 100 gecs, and Dirty Projectors, from the post-punk “The Coming Day” to the sample-heavy “Sit Here And Be,” Divergent serves as an affirmation that despite newfound maturity and self-awareness, the rebellious, misunderstood child within us never grows up.

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