Villows “Vivid”
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Villows “Vivid”

Dreamy, USA-based House producer Villows released his new single, ‘Vivid’, on the 11th of November via Careless Collective. The single premiered on House Music With Love and follows his recently released record ‘Lucid’, which was featured on Electronic Groove. Villows has earned the support of a variety of tastemaker webzines, including Stereofox, Acid Stag, Casablanca Sunset, deathordesire and featured on multiple notable YouTube channels, including MrRevillz, Get The Sound, Wanderlust, Czech Vibes Sound and more. On airwaves, his music was added to Shallou’s Sirius XM Chill Mix and aired on Tomorrowland Radio with Austin Kramer, helping him reach approximately 3 million streams on Spotify alone, while his collaborative single with Niicap, ‘Dimmest Light’, soared to over one million plays on the streaming platform.

From late nights at his bedside table, surreal house producer and self-proclaimed insomniac Villows drops the 3rd single from his upcoming Dreams EP. In a trippy and ‘Vivid’ dream, Villows realizes the stranger he’s been staring at is actually himself. The newest song combines mesmerizing ambient samples, spacey guitars, and bouncy synths over a pulsating beat. His signature airy vocals are on full display as the track delivers a certain complex euphoria that fans have come to love.

Taking a moment to introspect, Villows says: “Seeing yourself in a dream is such a strange and borderline nightmarish experience. It could mean many things, but I like to think it’s your mind telling you to re-evaluate who you’ve been lately.”

Raised in New Jersey, but residing outside Philadelphia, USA, Vince Tobia, better known as Villows, grew up playing the piano and soon learned to pick a guitar. During high school, he was a member of several bands, where he contributed to New Jersey’s vibrant pop-punk scene. Later, fed up with writing punk songs, he set out to create a new sound, relying heavily on synthesizers instead of guitars. The producer cites Odesza, Rufus Du Sol, and Petit Biscuit as his inspirations, while his own music hints at artists such as Shallou, Kasbo, and Yoste.

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