Waveshaper “The Phantom Machine”
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Waveshaper “The Phantom Machine”

Swedish synthwave maestro Waveshaper has premiered the video for ‘The Phantom Machine (Film Edit)’ via NewRetroWave. The single was released on the 22nd of October via Waveshaper Music Production. The track is an extended version for the upcoming short film The Phantom Machine directed by Jendo Shabo, while the original track is part of his recently released album Mainframe. Waveshaper has shared the stage with Com Truise, appeared in The Rise of the Synths documentary alongside narrator John Carpenter, and had his work remixed by F.O.O.L, Droid Bishop and Magic Sword.

Alongside the Toxic Avenger and Carpenter Brut he contributed to the award-winning PS4 / Xbox game Furi, and then went on to score the soundtrack for Swedish film Videoman, which was nominated for the International Film Music Critics Award (IFMCA) for Best Soundtrack. His track ‘Space Romance’ features on Netflix’s Sex Education while recent track, ‘Save Room’ was added to NPR Music’s playlist. He has seen support from publications such as, New Retro Wave, Magnetic Magazine, Daily Express, Electricity Club, Heavy Blog Is Heavy and Metal Sucks, and boasts over 65 million streams across platforms.

Born and currently based in Jönköping, Sweden, Waveshaper has performed in the UK, USA, Europe and Russia, and is working towards a North American tour in 2022. His father was an early tech enthusiast, who taught him to make music on an Amiga 500 in the 90’s. It’s no surprise then that Waveshaper draws influence from the nostalgia of early video game soundtracks as well as 80’s VHS movies, while his own sound calls to mind the work of Com Truise, Boards of Canada and Gesaffelstein.

Directed by Jendo Shabo and produced by Michael J. Krym, the video for Waveshaper’s ‘The Phantom Machine’ is a dark cinematic masterpiece set in a post-apocalyptic world. With stunning visual effects and a playful use of futuristic weaponry, we’re transported alongside a mysterious traveller deep into the world of synths and unforgiving basslines.

Waveshaper gives some background on the track’s origins: “The Phantom Machine is a synthwave short film that will be released on October 28. The movie is made by Helios Films and directed by Jendo Shabo. The movie is a science fiction horror story that will make this Halloween special for synthwave fans.”

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