WMD “So In Love”
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WMD “So In Love”

Pensive American producer WMD released his new album ‘Deliquesce’ on the 24th of March via Natural Blonde. On the project, which is available on digital platforms and vinyl, listeners will find the song ‘So In Love’ alongside the two previously released singles ‘Yearn’ and ‘Nowhere’. With 42 million streams across platforms, WMD has received support from CLASH Magazine, EARMILK, and NOTION Magazine as well as the Seattle-based media outlet Maheen The Globe, and more.

Growing a garden of ineffable feelings for listeners to delight in, WMD waters lush soundscapes with aching guitar melodies, airy vocals, and verdant moments. As if crying, strings ring out, while warm voices soothe and nurture, lulling us to a gentle calm.

WMD describes the making of the LP: “I’ve spent more time writing, recording, and producing Deliquesce than any other WMD release. The process followed me through some of the most emotionally desolate periods of my life. Having this project to return to after each one gave me a purpose and goal. In a way, the demos acted as a diary to navigate my struggles with identity, stability, happiness, and isolation in the three years I spent working on them.”

WMD has previously performed at The Crocodile in Seattle, where Electronic duo Plaid headlined, appeared on the VICE television series States of Undress as well as Epicly LAter’d, and has been featured on YouTube channels Fluidified and Inspira. Inspired by LCD Soundsystem, Baths, and Evenings, Erickson taps into Chillwave, Downtempo, and even Folk to create music comparable to Alaskan Tapes, Yoste, and Slow Meadow.

Born in Cashmere, Washington, based in Seattle, Washington, USA,  Michael Erickson, better known as WMD, is an Electronic music producer who creates lush, airy records that thrum with the power of melancholia, the ache of nostalgia, and the sorrow of relationships. Learning to produce at a young age, he fell in love with the internet chiptune scene but grew to produce complex and emotional music.

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