9-Volt Velvet “Hey Candy”
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9-Volt Velvet “Hey Candy”


Dallas-based indie dreamgaze outfit 9-Volt Velvet presents their new single ‘Hey, Candy’, a raucous foreshadowing of their debut album ‘Nude Beaches’, soon to be released on CD via Brighton, UK-based label Shore Dive Records. What can be said about the first single – oh yes, finding your first love attraction is exciting.

Out May 10, this 13-track collection blends washed-out fuzzy and feedback-laden guitars, driving bass, pounding drum beats and ghosty vocals. Taking their bring of ‘rockgazedreamgloom’ even further, they will also release a limited edition of twenty 7″ lathe-cut vinyl via Cryptic Carousel at the same time, featuring ‘Riptide’ as the Side-A track and ‘Hey Candy’ on Side B.

Nestled in the fine territory between post-punk and shoegaze with a surf vibe, 9-Volt Velvet is made up of Mark Cross (lead vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion), Donnie Robertson (drums, percussion, keyboards) and Kevin Robinson (guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals).

Hailing from Muscle Shoals, AL and Dallas respectively, Mark and Donnie met through an ad in a local newspaper, hit it off instantly and formed a band, eventually being joined by Kevin soon after they began performing. Involving past members of of Viva Voce and The Northern Lights, they bring together several decades of experience playing shows with the likes of Starflyer 59, Spoon, The Dandy Warhols, Jimmy Eat World, Sunny Day Real Estate, Kill Hannah, Luxury, Lugsole, The Features, Bleach,  Fold Zandura, 764-HERO and Morella’s Forest.

‘Nude Beaches’ is the culmination of 9-Volt Velvet’s musical journey, showcasing their evolution as artists and the unique sounds they have curated together. Inspired by their natural chemistry and a like-minded approach to music-making, in June 2023, they embarked on an intense 3-week studio session in Dallas, crafting an album that explores the themes of freedom and self-expression.

From the introspective lyrics to the intricate musical arrangements, every aspect of ‘Nude Beaches’ reflects the band’s commitment to pushing boundaries and taking risks. This is a sonic journey that invites listeners to embrace their own individuality and revel in the joy of truly being themselves.

Influenced by such artists as The Cure, Sonic Youth, Swervedriver, The Jesus & Mary Chain, DIIV and The Velvet Underground, 9-Volt Velvet emerged as a recording artist in January 22 with their debut ‘Cathedrals’ EP, followed by the ‘Mirrors’ EP in July of that year.

The ‘Riptide / Hey, Candy’ 7″ vinyl edition is out on May 10. The CD for the debut ‘Nude Beaches’ album will also be available via Shore Dive Records. It can already be found digitally from fine music platforms, including Apple Music**, **Spotify, and Bandcamp.

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