Short Cuts Podcast Ep 135
Short Cuts Podcast Ep 135
band members sitting in folding chairs

9-Volt Velvet “Hey Candy”

Dallas-based indie dreamgaze outfit 9-Volt Velvet presents their new single 'Hey, Candy', a raucous foreshadowing of their debut album 'Nude Beaches'.
woman wearing a pink jacket

Hayley and the Crushers “Unsubscribe”

“’Unsubscribe’ is directly connected to our feelings about creative expression and underground music scenes,” says frontwoman/guitarist Hayley Cain.
woman sitting on the floor with her knees bent

Laura Pieri “Daughter of Demeter”

Multidisciplinary music & visual artist Laura Pieri presents the music video for her new single, “Daughter of Demeter”.
band standing in front of a dark wall

Deadset “Heavy Eyes”

New single ‘Heavy Eyes’ is a raw, vulnerable evaluation of a battle against mental health and addiction and how that bleeds into relationships.
man with his head in his hand

Left Circles “The Gashouse Gang Is Here”

Brooklyn, NY's Left Circles has released its 13-track debut LP 'Nothing Is One Thing,' via Miserable Neighbor Records.
woman laying on a car

Maga Córdova “Vuelvo A Volar”

After five uninterrupted weeks at the top of the charts, acclaimed artist Maga Córdova releases her latest single: "Vuelvo A Volar"
woman posing with her hands on her knees

Sophie Shredz “OMG”

SOPHIE SHREDZ returns with her electrifying new single & video, “OMG".
women wearing a green feather scarf

Salyse “Eve Of 4/20”

Meet Salyse, the Atlanta-based music dynamo whose journey began amidst the vibrant beats of Boston.
two men standing in front of a picture of planets

History Of Guns “No Longer Earthbound”

UK electro-goth post-punk band History Of Guns presents 'No Longer Earthbound', previewing their new 'Half Light' album.

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