A Shoreline Dream feat. Mark Gardener “Everything Turns”
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A Shoreline Dream feat. Mark Gardener “Everything Turns”


Progressive shoegaze stalwarts A Shoreline Dream are back with flair as they present their new single ‘Everything Turns’, featuring Ride frontman Mark Gardener. This is the first taste of ‘Whitelined’, the band’s eighth full-length record, following their 2022 critically acclaimed ‘Loveblind’ album. Out on July 19, this new offering will be released as a limited edition of 180g white vinyl LP and digitally via Latenight Weeknight Records.

Formed in 2005, A Shoreline Dream is now multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Ryan Policky and guitarist Erik Jeffries, who are based in Barnum, Colorado. This album sees them team up with Gardener to craft a record where shimmering walls of sound wash of turbulent percussion and swooning vocals to weave an otherworldly sonic reality.

The video for ‘Everything Turns’ was filmed, directed and edited by Ryan Policky for Latenight Weeknight Records, LLC. Captured in Denver, Colorado in April 2024, it features Julianna Beckert as the wandering actress.

“It was great and one of those life-fate meant-to-be chances to connect with Ryan and A Shoreline Dream. Ryan sent a good few tracks through to me from Denver to my Ox4 Sound Studio in Oxfordshire and the first backing track I totally connected with was the track that was to become ‘Everything Turns’,” says Mark Gardener.

“Lyrically, it’s a reflection on how technology is taking over and, the more connected we get with it, the more alone we can find ourselves in the real World.  The backing track was special and the chemistry really happened with this track. It was a joy to ride these sonic waves with Ryan throughout the whole creative process. IN the end “Everything Turns!”

Policky and Jeffries first met Gardener at a Ride show in Denver on Policky’s birthday.  Working together throughout 2023 between Ride tour dates, they wrapped up three songs, co-written and co-produced, near the one-year mark.

““Right after seriously one of the best shows in recent memory, we threw around the idea of collaborating. This was such an amazing collab. Mark was super open stylistically and the ideas flowed. I think we created something neither of us were fully expecting. Making art with true pioneers is why I continue down this path,” says Ryan Policky.

“Working with Mark, who impressed me with his songwriting so many eons ago, was like nothing else. It was like a process of possibilities somehow all hitting at once, all for the right reasons, and all in a way I don’t think either of us could have expected. It was on my 2023 birthday that it somehow took shape”.

Mark Kramer (Urge Overkill, Bongwater, Shimmy Records) oversaw the mastering and the record’s preparation for direct-to-vinyl production. ‘Whitelined’ will be the first A Shoreline Drive album released as a vinyl LP, fittingly on 180G white vinyl. The album art is based off a photo taken by Policky at Yellowstone in 2008, and re-worked into an oil on photo on canvas, shortly after experiencing that place.

Over the past two decades, A Shoreline Dream has churned out numerous releases under their own label (Latenight Weeknight Records), working with legends Ulrich Schnauss and Mark Kramer, and landing distribution by iconic UK indie label Rocket Girl Records for music written while visiting Ulrich in Leytonstone. They’ve remixed Engineers’ music for progressive label gods K-Scope and also opened for Chapterhouse for their very final appearance.
As of May 14, ‘Everything Turns’ is available exclusively via Bandcamp. As of May 20, the ‘Whitelined’ album will be available for pre-order as a limited edition on 180g white vinyl. On July 19, the album can also be found on Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp.

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