Aaron Thomas “Before I Met You”
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Aaron Thomas “Before I Met You”


Showcasing the natural beauty of Adelaide, Aaron Thomas moves through stunning backdrops in his feel-good music video for his new single ‘Before I Met You’.

‘Before I Met You’, a track from Aaron Thomas’s upcoming album ‘Human Patterns’ (out Friday, May 17), is a romantic and cheerfully honest track that embraces the joyful feeling that comes with a new relationship.

The accompanying music video captures the song’s playful honestly, by setting up the filming process of a music video and subverting expectations by stepping away from the green screen and into the beauty of real life Australiana, while still invoking a dreamlike state. Aaron Thomas reflects on filming it, saying,

“This video was made with the very talented Conor Mercury (Director) and James Haskard (Cinematography and Editing) over a couple of afternoons. It’s a bit of a meta video of a music video. A dream within a dream. It was super fun to make and I am so happy with the way it turned out. It was shot in high speed and then played back at normal tempo so it syncs up with the song and has a sort of floaty, dreamy effect. We chased the natural light and shot in a bunch of different places in South Australia. The main thing is that it’s a happy video, just like it’s a happy song.”

This video romanticises everyday life in the same way the song does, reframing the mundane into a blessing all while keeping it authentic, as the video is filmed with natural light and on-location.

Take a moment to keep it real with the music video for ‘Before I Met You’ from Aaron Thomas, before he releases the full-length album, ‘Human Patterns’, on Friday, May 17.

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