Short Cuts Podcast Ep 136
Short Cuts Podcast Ep 136
band members sitting at a table at a restaurant

Mascots “Vertigo”

Fusing infectious melodies, electrifying guitar riffs, and pop anthemic undertones, Mascots have crafted a diverse catalogue of musical endeavors.
man standing in front of a row of trees

Aaron Thomas “Before I Met You”

Showcasing the natural beauty of Adelaide, Aaron Thomas moves through stunning backdrops in his feel-good music video for his new single ‘Before I Met You’.
woman sitting on the floor holding a guitar

Natalie Shay “All The Time”

Natalie Shay is one of the most exciting singer-songwriters emerging from the UK indie-pop music scene.
man sitting in a chair wearing a hood that covers his face, looking into the mirror

Shumaun “Some Memories”

Shumaun is set to unveil their fourth album, titled "Opposing Mirrors," showcasing a stellar lineup of drummers.
band standing in a starcase

Los Saints “If Everything Goes”

The San Diego-based alternative rock quartet Los Saints has unveiled "If Everything Goes," the third single from their highly anticipated debut album.
woman standing in front of a small park

Marie Eidolon “Magic Girl”

This alternative pop/rock track is about growing up and realizing you will never become the hero from your favourite childhood cartoons.
woman sitting on the hood of a car

Lloren “Like this”

‘Like This’, with its relatable lyrics and nostalgic 80s-inspired anthemic sound, was produced by Anna Schulze (Ingrid Michaelson, Lissie, Aloe Blacc).
two men standing in front of a light colored wall

Octavian Winters “Nebula”

San Francisco post-punk outfit Octavian Winters has teamed up with **Mark Pistel **(Consolidate, Meat Beat Manifesto) on their new two-track single.
woman standing in front of a plain wall

Jeannel “Blue”

Avant-garde artist Jeannel (Jeanne Amiens) has unveiled a stirring new single, ‘Blue’, and its equally moving video.
man sitting in a chair

Jason DeVore “Turn It Off!”

Jason DeVore, the charismatic frontman for long standing Arizona punk powerhouse Authority Zero, is debuting "Turn It Off!".

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