Alexa Kate “Delusional”
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Alexa Kate “Delusional”


Pop artist Alexa Kate has released “Delusional,” an energetic song about pretending to be okay when things are getting tough. This track not only captures the essence of resilience, but also serves as an anthem of girlhood while having an infectious energy that will leave listeners dancing and singing along.

“Delusional” is an indie pop anthem that highlights the disconnect between perceived success and personal fulfillment in a world where dreaming up an ideal life becomes a source of strength and hope. The song’s captivating melodies and relatable storytelling empower listeners to embrace the beauty of imperfection, even if it means pretending to have it all together.

Somewhere between the emotional vulnerability of Gracie Abrams and attention-demanding energy of Tate McRae lies Alexa Kate, whose latest single, “Delusional,” precedes her debut EP due out this summer. Speaking about the track, she reveals, “This song is specifically about reclaiming your power — even if you have to pretend like you have it all together to do so. Go and embrace the beauty of that imperfection.”

Get ready to meet Alexa Kate — she’s already excited to meet you.

For singer-songwriter Alexa Kate, connection is the ultimate North Star. Music has always been her conduit for building community — born, raised, and now based back in New York, Alexa also spent time honing her craft in Nashville and Los Angeles, where she solidified her passion for songwriting.

Inspired early on by powerful female voices like Taylor Swift, Alexa has been writing as long as she can remember. She’s committed to sharing her most authentic voice, even through the times that this feels intimidating: “I peel back layers until I’m ready to share things other people would never let see the sun,” she says.

Alexa Kate has built a passionate and engaged audience through social media over the last few years, and she hosts TikTok Lives almost daily — but at the end of the day, she feels that nothing can replace the energy of being in the same room with an audience singing your lyrics back to you. Get ready to be swept into her vivid, enthralling brand of heartache-pop; she knows this is what she was born to do.

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