woman standing in front of a white brick wall

KiKi Holli “Pretty Boys”

Listen to the indie pop track by KiKi Holli "Pretty Boys".
man holding two guitars

Totten Bridge “Please Don’t Love Me”

Listen to the indie pop rock track by Totten Bridge "Please Don’t Love Me".
two men standing in front of a white wall

Eighty Ninety “The Hard Way”

Listen to the indie pop track by Eighty Ninety "The Hard Way".
girl standing in front of an orange wall

Taylor D “Until The Time is Right”

Listen to the indie pop track by Taylor D "Until The Time is Right".
man and woman in front of a white brick wall

KARAMELIEN “Living With The Moon”

Listen to the indie pop track by KARAMELIEN "Living With The Moon"
two women standing in front of a white wall

Pen Pin “Fringe”

Watch the music video for the indie pop track by Pen Pin "Fringe".
4 band members in front of a pink wall

Big Sleep “All of the Pretty Things”

Watch the music video for the indie pop track by Big Sleep "All of the Pretty Things".
woman kneeling on the floor

Gabi Sklar “Thank God”

Watch the visualizer video for the indie pop track by Gabi Sklar "Thank God".
man standing in a dance floor

Color for Colors “HEARTACHE”

Watch the music video for the indie pop track by Color for Colors "HEARTACHE".
two men standing next to each other

Black Market Karma “The Sour Truth” (feat. Sonic Boom)

Watch the music video for the indie psychedelic pop track by Black Market Karma - "The Sour Truth" (feat. Sonic Boom).
man sitting on a couch

Von Wildenhaus “Ghost Moon”

Watch the music video for the official music video for the indie avant-pop track by Von Wildenhaus "Ghost Moon".
man looking out the window

Thomas Day “Gravity”

Watch the music video for the indie pop track by Thomas Day "Gravity".
two men and one woman next to each other

Le Couleur “À la rencontre de Barbara”

Watch the music video for the indie disco-pop track by Le Couleur "À la rencontre de Barbara".
woman outside at night

Chloey Rose “Shot You Down”

Watch the official music video for the indie pop track by Chloey Rose "Shot You Down".
woman dancing

Soda Blonde “Bad Machine”

Watch the music video for the indie alt-pop track by Soda Blonde "Bad Machine".
woman sitting in a bumper car

wadfah “Come Around”

Watch the music video for the indie alt pop track by wadfah "Come Around".
man with his hand on his head

Kanwal “Tuggin’ Me Back”

Watch t\the official lyric video for the indie pop funk track by Kanwal "Tuggin' Me Back".
man holding a helmet

Cade Hoppe “Only Human”

Listen to the indie pop track by Cade Hoppe "Only Human".
woman sitting next to a guitar amp

Bianca James “Bang Bang Baby”

Watch the music video for the indie pop track by Bianca James "Bang Bang Baby".
man standing under neon green lights

Berkley “Fiesta Day”

Watch the official music video for the indie pop track b y Berkley "Fiesta Day".
woman laying on a bed

Brooke Sause “Consequences”

Listen to the indie pop track by Brooke Sause "Consequences".
woman looking into a mirro

Emma Ogier “Consider Me A Winner”

Watch the music video for the track by indie pop singer songwriter Emma Ogier "Consider Me A Winner".
woman crouched in a corner in front of a pink wall

Party Nails “Someway, Somehow”

Watch the music video for the indie pop track by Party Nails "Someway, Somehow".
woman standing under a tent with lights

Taylor D “Lost”

Listen to the indie pop track by Taylor D "Lost".
woman sitting in a chair outside

Sidney Bird “bitters”

Watch the music video for the indie pop track by Sidney Bird "bitters".
man on stage

Berkley “Pueblo Nights”

Watch the music video for the indie pop track by Berkley "Pueblo Nights".
man and woman sitting on the sidewalk

I Am a Rocketship “Gravity”

Watch the music video for the indie pop track by I Am a Rocketship "Gravity".
reflection of a woman in the mirror

Kelsey Kindall “Catch Me” (feat. Jude Barclay)

Listen to the indie pop track by Kelsey Kindall "Catch Me" (feat. Jude Barclay).
man with his hand on his face

Dylon Jack “Just Havin Fun”

Watch the official music video for the indie pop track by Dylon Jack "Just Havin Fun".
band members in front of a blue wall


Listen to the indie pop track by SOUTH BY ZERO "Open Arms".
woman wearing a hat made of red flowers

Asha “Hard Shit”

Watch the official music video for the indie alt pop track by Asha "Hard Shit".
man wearing a black suit


Listen to the indie pop track by ENJOYABLE LISTENS "Summer Hit".
guy and girl standing with their backs to each other

Alexa Cappelli “Backwards (ft. Knox)”

Watch the official music video for the indie pop track by Alexa Cappelli "Backwards (ft. Knox)".
woman sitting next to a guitar amp

Bianca James “Black & Blue”

Listen to the indie retro-pop track by Bianca James "Black & Blue".
male sitting at a table

Kid Prexy “Shooting Star”

Watch the official music video for indie alt-pop track by Kid Prexy "Shooting Star".
4 male bend members sitting holding the phone

The Walters “Stuck In My Ways”

Watch the music video for the indie pop track by The Walters "Stuck In My Ways".
three people wearing masks

Paradise Guerrilla “Intoxicated”

Watch the music video for the indie alt pop track by Paradise Guerrilla "Intoxicated".
woman sitting on the floor in a plain white room


Watch the music video for the indie alternative pop singer songwriter track by GABRIELLA RAELYN "wish upon a STAR".
woman wearing sunglasses

Eliza May “What I Want”

Watch the music video for the indie pop track by Eliza May "What I Want".
woman posing in a dance position on a block

Debbie Gibson “Love Don’t Care”

Watch the music video for the pop track by Debbie Gibson "Love Don't Care".
drawing of teeth

Holden Miller “Teeth”

Watch the music video for the indie pop track by Holden Miller "Teeth".
man standing in front of a blank orange wall

Mati Gavriel “Someone to Somebody”

Watch the music video for the indie baroque pop track by Mati Gavriel "Someone to Somebody".
woman sitting in front of a yellow-orange wall

Gabi Sklar “Good Kisser”

Watch the music video for the indie pop track by Gabi Sklar "Good Kisser".
man and woman sitting on the ground in front of a motorcycle

I Am a Rocketship “Do You Feel Good”

Watch the official music video for the indie atmospheric alt pop track by I Am a Rocketship "Do You Feel Good".
2 girls feeding each other cotton candy

Rachel Bochner “If I’m Gunna Be Sad”

Watch the music video for the indie pop track by Rachel Bochner "If I'm Gunna Be Sad".
woman sticking her tongue out

Miranda Joan “Too Much”

Watch the music video for the indie pop soul track by Miranda Joan "Too Much".
man standing outside in front of a red

Daniel de Boer “Fly Away”

Watch the music video for the world pop track by Daniel de Boer "Fly Away".
man and woman laying on a bed with dolls

Olive + Harrison “Normal, See?”

Watch the music video for the indie pop hip-hop track by Olive + Harrison "Normal, See?".
4 band members on stage

Jaws “Are My Friends Alight?”

Watch the music video for the indie dream pop track by Jaws "Are My Friends Alight?".
man standing in an empty road at night

Thomas Day “Come Home”

Watch the music video for the indie pop track by Thomas Day "Come Home".
woman standing in front of a pink wall

ERIN K “Goodbye Song”

Watch the music video for the indie pop track by ERIN K "Goodbye Song".
4 band members standing under a bridge

Teenage Dads “Speedracer”

Watch the official lyric video for the indie alternative pop track by Teenage Dads "Speedracer".
4 men in suites in an office

Big Sleep “Easy”

Watch the music video for the indie alternative pop track by Big Sleep "Easy".
6 people standing in a forrest

PARLIAMO “Matters Like”

Listen to the indie pop rock track by PARLIAMO "Matters Like".
woman's reflection in a mirror

Apricity “Allison Wonderland”

Watch the music video for the indie alt pop track by Apricity "Allison Wonderland".
man standing in an open field

david ofmg “it all remains the same again”

Watch the music video for the indie dream pop track by david ofmg "it all remains the same again".
drawing of a planet with an orange sky

Diving Horse “Big Sands”

Watch the music video for the indie alternative pop track by Diving Horse "Big Sands".
woman sitting on the back of a couch

Bianca James “Till I Remember”

Watch the music video for the indie retro pop track by Bianca James "Till I Remember".
woman taking a selfie

Jo Bartlett “Floating Through”

Watch the music video for the indie dream pop track by Jo Bartlett "Floating Through".
woman standing in a field

Ålesund “Rode Off Into The Sun”

Watch the music video for the indie alt pop track by Ålesund "Rode Off Into The Sun".
woman standing in front of a blue wall

Paige Corwin “PTSD”

Watch the music video for the indie pop track by Paige Corwin "PTSD".
woman dancing outside

Mari Dangerfield “Ruins”

Watch the music video for the indie dance pop track by Mari Dangerfield "Ruins".
woman surrounded by blue and green water colors

Rebecca Lappa “Your One”

Watch the music video for the indie alt pop track by Rebecca Lappa "Your One".
woman in s a blue dress


Listen to the indie singer songwriter track by ANNABEL GUTHERZ "SATURN'S RINGS".
man standing in front of a black and white wall

Suburban Spell “Bright Gold Cross”

Watch the music video for the indie synth-pop track by Suburban Spell "Bright Gold Cross".
man standing in an open field

david ofmg “city”

Watch the music video for the indie dream pop track by david ofmg "city".
indie rock band performing on stage


Listen to the indie guitar pop track by EXTRANAUTS "Lazarus".
woman wearing a black dress

Cooper Phillip feat. Durand Bernarr “The Answers”

Watch the music video for the indie pop track by Cooper Phillip feat. Durand Bernarr "The Answers".
2 men and 1 woman

The 3 Clubmen ( XTC’s Andy Partridge, Jen Olive & Stu Rowe ) “Aviatrix”

Listen to the indie avant-pop track by The 3 Clubmen ( XTC's Andy Partridge, Jen Olive & Stu Rowe ) "Aviatrix".
woman wearing a bandana

Marianna Winter “Consequences”

Listen to the indie pop track by Marianna Winter "Consequences".
man and woman sitting next to each other

The Know “ME”

Watch the music video for the indie dream pop track by The Know "ME".
woman standing next to a guitar

Rylblonde “Spiltmilk”

Watch the music video for the indie alternative rock track by Rylblonde "Spiltmilk".
man standing on the edge of a tall building at sunset

Reverend Genes “Left And Right”

Watch the music video for the indie alternative rock track from Reverend Genes "Left And Right".
man screaming

Thomas Day “MASOCHIST”

Nashville-based pop singer and songwriter Thomas Day shares his new single & video, “MASOCHIST”. With his new single, “MASOCHIST,” Thomas delivers a show-stopping pop anthem with an electrifying chorus destined…
woman in a purple outfit

LT “Act Your Age”

Outspoken UK-born singer LT has released the official music video for her recently released single, ‘Act Your Age’, via LT Records. The glamorous video was premiered by CelebMix and was…
woman standing by water at night

Jules Paymer + Miki Ratsula “The Daughter That My Mother Wanted”

New single and music video “The Daughter That My Mother Wanted” from newcomer Jules Paymer featuring celebrated artist Miki Ratsula. The song and video touch upon the experience of being…
woman in a black dress with birds flying around her

YOVA “Feel Your Fear”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zd-DknYk0AI Experimental pop duo – YOVA – are back with an urgent and impending new single: “Feel Your Fear”. Letting loose a runaway freight train of jumpy guitar rhythms and…
woman sitting in a white sheet

Dalizz “Kara D Mala”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-Q5OdIHxvc The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter, Dalizz releases her new single “Kara D Mala” via AWAL. Kara D Mala is a sensual, sexy, playful reggaeton tune that pays homage to women,…
woman standing in front of a dark pink wall

FREYA BEER “Fantasy”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBIuZkocoTs Goth-pop priestess – FREYA BEER – is back with an invigorating AA-side release: “Fantasy” // “Galore”. Her first new music of 2023, the “Fantasy” // “Galore” AA-side single arrives…
person talking on the phone

viisi x Chelsea Collins “Chasing Ghosts”

Good things come in fives. Dropping his first rough cut as a high school freshman when he was just fourteen, Matthew Borley, couldn’t have known that five years later he’d…
woman with angel wings laying in clouds

davvn “Depressed in Heaven”

Formed by two kids who grew up on AIM and MySpace, the female-fronted duo davvn (pronounced dawn) are a nostalgic alt-rock group that draws influence from early 2000’s pop punk…
woman standing in front of a yellow backdrop

Jordan Duffy “Wonder Woman”

Jordan Duffy is a singer, songwriter, producer, and audio engineer whose sound stretches across a multitude of genres such as indie, folk, pop, and alternative. With music influences such as…
man standing outside

Shout London “Admit It”

Following on from the release of the addictive “White Noise”, pop-punk project Shout London has just released the very catchy and energetic “Admit It”! With its gritty vocals, hard-hitting guitar…
4 men sitting at at a table in a restaurant

Baytrees “Sunshine”

Brixton-hailing four-piece ‘Baytrees’ have been crafting their unique blend of hip hop beats, funk rock riffs and catchy pop hooks since 2018. New single ‘Sunshine’ is a soulful, life-affirming story…
profile of a woman's head

Janna Pelle “Janne”

No TIK TOK On the upcoming “Janne,” Janna Pelle provides her own twist on the Lady Gaga track “Joanne.” The track’s title shift represents Pelle making the song her own,…
concert crowd holding lights in the air

Taylor D “Fan Girl”

Multi award winning singer songwriter and Indie Pop artist Taylor D is set to release her new song and title track to her upcoming EP ‘Fan Girl ‘. After releasing…
girl sitting on the stairs

Baker Grace & Joss Austin “Missing You”

With her debut EP in 2019, “Girl I Know”, Baker Grace emerged as an artist with undeniable confidence. She stretches the boundaries of pop music and with each new release…
man sitting on steps

Cimo Fränkel “Magical”

LA-based Pop musician Cimo Fränkel released his latest single ‘Magical on the 24th of March via Cimo Fränkel / 100th Meridian Music / AWAL. Being his first release of 2023,…
two guys and a girl standing outside

Tapeworms “IRL”

Genre-bending French band – TAPEWORMS – have returned with a new single “IRL”, ahead of a recently announced UK tour this May. Arriving right in time for Spring, known as…
5 band members standing in the street in the rain

The Mystery Plan “Big Bliss”

North Carolina indie pop outfit The Mystery Plan present the single ‘Big Bliss’, previewing their forthcoming ‘Haunted Organic Machines’ LP (their seventh full length album and 13th major release), to be…
woman with her hair in a top knot

KID BE KID “News Feed”

Songwriter, producer, and vocal percussionist KID BE KID released her latest single ‘News Feed’ on the 17th of March via Fun In The Church. Following ‘Naked Times’, the single is…
woman wearing red lipstick


Kill Shelter and Death Loves VeronicaRelease Provocative New Artistic Collaboration Kill Shelter is UK based alternative artist, producer and remixer Pete Burns. His work blends elements of post-punk, darkwave and…
man and woman standing next to a ttree

5th PROJEKT “The Pace”

Toronto cinematic art-rock band 5th PROJEKT craft a cinematic art-rock sound with melodic vocals and atmospheric guitars. Bordering on experimental art pop, the female fronted genre-bending band draws inspiration from…
woman standing outside next to palm trees

Erin K “Keep Her”

With a growing audience of over 3 million streams on Spotify, following the fruitful collaboration on 2019s I Need Sound, the American-born London-resident musician has continued her work with co-producer…
guy standing next to a girl

Laveda “Troy Creeps”

New York City dream-pop duo – LAVEDA – have unveiled “Troy Creeps”, the fourth track to be taken from their awaited second album ‘A Place You Grew Up In’. Balancing…
two men sitting on a couch and two men standing behind a couch

IST IST “Nothing More Nothing Less”

With their upcoming third album fast approaching, IST IST are pleased to unveil the latest track to be cut from the record: “Nothing More Nothing Less”. Chiming with the overarching…
woman wearing blue gloves

Natisa Gogol “Wind Of Hope”

Ukrainian-born singer-songwriter, Natisa Gogol, just released her new single in February 2023. Entitled “Wind Of Hope”, the song was written by Natisa after she had escaped from Ukraine to Prague…
profile of a woman's head

Holly Henderson “Wendy”

Holly Henderson’s highly anticipated second album, “The Walls” is out now. The album follows the release of last year’s acclaimed single “The Planes”, which Clash Magazine described thus: “bejewelled psych-pop…
girl standing out side at sunset holding her head

Kenzie Cait “What I Do Best”

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Kenzie Cait makes the kind of music that prompts the listener to think, “How did she put what I’m feeling into words?” As a guitarist and writer who…
woman with painted tears on her face

Sloe Honey “Lovesick”

Alternative/ Ethereal Soul artist, Sloe Honey, the alias for songwriter/performer Melissa Trinchere, has a sweet story behind it and was introduced in September of 2022, as a reference to Fiona…
gold masquerade mask

YIO “Intrigue” (ft. Lea Rossetti)

Yio (pronounced Shee-Oh) is the stage name or pseudonym of Sergio Schnitzler, a singer-songwriter, guitar player, keyboardist and audio engineer from Rosario, Argentina. There is a blend of guitars, synths…
woman holding her face with her eyes closed

Rebecca Lappa “Blue Lips”

Making music since the age of 12 in her native home of Edmonton, Alberta, Rebecca Lappa released six albums in quick succession between 2011 and 2016, winning over fans and…
man in a recording studio with instruments

Dar.Ra “Cure For Jealousy”

Jealousy is something which can leave you feeling overwhelmed when it comes up, like anxiety, depression and other negative effects that we humans face on a day to day basis.…
4 people outside blowing bubbles

Dande and The Lion “Children of the Hour”

Emerging Bristol/Sydney based indie pop-rock band – DANDE AND THE LION – release the official video for their new single “Children of the Hour”. A song all about being playful…
woman laying down holding a guitar

CLIFTON 2.5 “Under Attack”

London-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist – CLIFTON 2.5 – has unveiled a radiant new single “Under Attack”. The track is taken from what will be her debut EP release, ‘Outskirts of…
woman outside holding a guitar

Karamelien “Wait For Me”

With music being such a catalyst for renewal, recovery and rebirth, it it no wonder that the reverse relationship would also exist. Alas, UK indie pop artist Karamelien explores the…
4 band members standing in front of a brock wall

Teenage Dads “Midnight Driving”

With the release of their latest EP ‘Midnight Driving’ fast approaching (out 3 March via Chugg Music),  Melbourne four-piece TEENAGE DADS have today unveiled their latest single and the EP’s…
girl sitting in an empty white room

Ali Dellas “Another Day”

Ali Dellas released her latest single “Another Day” today, a soft indie pop song about hiding one’s true feelings from someone. Ali’s soft, yet emotional vocals along with the rhythmic…
5 guys standing outside a tin building

SOUP! “Supplies”

Manchester-based quintet Soup! have re-emerged with “Supplies”, their first single of 2023. Unfolding like a late-night run-in between retro-tinted jangle-pop and modern-day stark in a lively Northern Quarter backstreet, “Supplies”…
man wearing handcuffs

ANDYVA “Misconduct In Love”

After my debut album I went to London last November, to record a new series of songs written by me. I recorded and am producing this with Johnny Douglas  (producer…
woman sitting in a chair

Dalizz “Tranquilita Quieta”

Hello! I’m Dalizz.I come from Hato Rey Puerto Rico. Born Elizabeth Ludaliz Ortiz Ocasio. I have always love to write and listening to music. I wrote my first song when…
person standing on a sidewalk in front of a building with glass

Odin x Bjørn Berge “Bulletdance”

‘Bullet Dance’ is the latest single out now from upcoming Hoohahs and Cat Calls Feb 24th- a joint record from Odin and Bjørn Berge and is the result of two…
bright pink two-story building with an old Cadillac in front

Pieter Herweijer “Drive”

Pieter is making a name for himself in the music industry with his electronic releases and DJ sets. He releases his music with his own record label “Infinity of Love”.…
Pair of columns of concrete

Yio “My Chosen One”

Yio is the stage name or pseudonym of Sergio Schnitzler, a singer-songwriter, guitar player, keyboardist and audio engineer from Rosario, Argentina. There is a blend of guitars, synths and vocals…
woman with hands around her neck

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys “Heaving”

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys present ‘Heaving’, the title track and third single from their forthcoming ‘Heaving’ album, following the recently-released lead tracks ‘Burning Building’ and ‘Stereoscope’. The full-length album will be released in spring…
woman playing keyboard on stage

Taylor D “Wasting All My Love”

Taylor D is an award winning singer songwriter and Musician who has been writing her own material since she was 13. Recently crowned Artist of the year 2022 with First…
man sitting at a bar

Jacob Lee “Easy For You”

Confident songwriter Jacob Lee released his latest single ‘Easy For You’ on the 10th of February via the label he founded, Lowlyland Records. The single has been premiered by Wonderland…
5 people sitting against a wall

The Mystery Plan “what a day(disco)”

Indie pop outfit The Mystery Plan are back with their ‘What A Day’ EP, a scrumptious dose of bliss-pop released via American boutique label 10mm Omega Recordings. This boisterous three-track…
6 bad members standing in a white hallway

Jody and the Jerms “Started Something”

UK indie pop outfit Jody and the Jerms are hot to trot with their new single ‘Started Something’, the first taste of their forthcoming full-length album ‘Wonder’, out in April…
woman standing in front of a purple wall

ASHA “Kiss Me Tender”

Asha is a solo songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist whose music transcends genre. She loves experimenting in different styles from indie pop and rock to world music and trip hop. She…
man and woman standing in front of a dark brick wall

Caesar Spencer feat. Mareva Galanter “When I Whisper In Your Ear”

Inspired by the seminal duets of Serge Gainsbourg – CAESAR SPENCER – returns in 2023 with the grandiose baroque-pop of: “When I Whisper In Your Ear”. Nodding to some of…
band sitting in a chair in a dark room

Elias Bendix “Pedal To The Metal”

On February 10, the Copenhagen-based alt pop artist Elias Bendix releases his new single ‘Pedal To The Metal’. The song is presented with a beautiful music video, where an animalistic…
silhouette of a cowboy walking next to a horse

Yves Larock feat. Eve Molla “Ugly Cowboy”

A western atmosphere, like in Sergio Leone’s movies, with the deep and characteristic voice of Eve Molla, Ugly Cowboy, will immerse you in the far west , on a catchy…
man laying on a dark floor

Auger “My Heart Is Glass”

After a string of electrifying dark rock tracks, ‘My Heart Is Glass’ see’s genre fluid Auger return to the realm of synth  driven propulsive beats, with a cut glass production,…
4 band members standing in front of a brock wall

TEENAGE DADS “Video Killed The Radio Star”

2022 breakthrough act – TEENAGE DADS – have announced their highly anticipated upcoming EP ‘Midnight Driving’, to be released on Friday 3 March via Chugg Music. The Australian four-piece also…
man standing outside with yellow tree leaves around him

Butterfly Haus “Masters and Experts”

Pondering relationship complexities and toxicity is at the heart of “Masters and Experts,” touting a groovy and emotionally dense alt-pop sound. The track comes via Butterfly Haus’ new album ‘Time…
man looking outside a window


Making music that’s more than basic. -Official bio Watch our latest “Short Cuts” video podcast to discover more new indie tracks.  SUBMIT A TRACK PODCAST ARCHIVES
2 women sitting on a dock singing and playing giuitar

Sisters J “Clearly”

SistersJ-The sisters duo Elisabeth and Lily Jackson released their debut single “Open When” in the summer of 2022. The song went to #1 on both the Euro and International Indie…
two guys and a girl sitting on a blue couch

We Three “Confident”

The three siblings have shared an extraordinary journey. They were raised in a religious family, which separated them from the ordinary experiences that most teenagers go through. Manny was nudged…
3 band members standing next to each other in a dark blackroom

KARMACODA “Time Flies”

Watch the music video for the new indie pop track by KARMACODA "Time Flies".
abstract painting of many different colors swirled together

Luke Petruzzi “Photographs”

With a bold, genre-defying sound that melds his soulful vocals and prominent vocal sampling with pocketed beats inspired by trap, UK garage, and bass music, Luke Petruzzi is a rising…
head-shot of a man in front of a blank white background

Borgeous “Ruin LA”

Watch the music video for the new pop track by Borgeous "Ruin LA".
woman sitting outside next to an acoustic guitar

Harmony Dreamers “Without You”

With a mission to bring together talented musicians from all around the world, Harmony Dreamers is a unique musical endeavor led by Byron Lee Scott. With their latest album, featuring…
man holding a pair of dice

SICKY “Beans”

British solo artist SICKY presents ‘Beans’, a complex melodic slice of alt-pop with slick lyrics, from his thickly layered sophomore album ‘Garbage Town’. This 12-track collection was supported by three…
band performing on stage


THE GOSPEL make their debut with a seasonal cover of The Velvet Underground’s “I Found A Reason”, via No Big Deal Music Sounding like a pre-Christmas gathering of Mark Lanegan,…
woman wearing green under a green spotlight

Roskamala “Kiss Me Amnesia”

Singer/songwriter, producer, screenwriter and actor Roskamala is set to make her mark as a creative visionary with her thoughtful musical releases full of evocative storytelling wrapped in a unique sonic…
man sitting in front of a mirror

Blake Proehl “Where You Need to Be”

4 band members standing next to a green plant

Pennies by the Pound “The End Times”

Finnish indie outfit Pennies By The Pound are back with their new invigorating single ‘The End Times’, the second single from their upcoming concept album ‘Nothingside’, out in early 2023 via the…
man looking up at the night sky

Jacob Lee “Sick & Tired”

Prolific songwriter and tech innovator Jacob Lee released his latest single ‘Sick & Tired’ on the 2nd of December via his imprint Philosophical Records. Notably, the record was premiered by…
bird case sitting around a person's head

SKAUSS “Foreva”

Multi-instrumentalist and genre-bending composer/producer SKAUSS set off to find his true identity with 2019’s “Whoami” and now continues that quest by expanding upon his uniquely melodic orchestral and dark electronic…
man sitting on a stool


On December 16, Danish artist Elias Bendix releases his new single ‘Who’s To Blame?’. His adventurous mix of pop, jazz and funk has brought him attention both at home and…
man standing in front of flowers

HIBOU “Night Fell”

American multi-instrumentalist HIBOU is back with new single “Night Fell”, along with the announcement of a new EP ‘Arc’ (due 13 January 2023).  Floating through a breezy blend of gossamer…
man standing next to a woman

The Know “Used to Be”

The Know began in late 2018 when Daniel Knowles suggested to his wife, Jennifer Farmer, that instead of traveling home for the holidays (to the UK and Texas respectively) that…
man playing the piano

Of House “Heart About to Give Out”

Of House is Motorik Power/Dream/Indie Pop made in Detroit by Nick Van Huis, Blake Hart, Pat Nolan, Gabe Downey, Mitch Segall, Amanda Van Huis, and friends. Mixing propulsive drums, blended…
woman sitting in a green field at dusk

FE SALOMON “Interstate 10”

A cinematic insight into her fast-approaching debut solo album – FE SALOMON – bows out of 2022 with the stately new single: “Interstate 10”.  Worlds away from the twisted Middle…
profile of a woman's head

Holly Henderson “The Planes”

With the release of new single “The Planes”, Holly Henderson has announced that her second album, “The Walls”, is finished, mastered, and on its way to the pressing plant for…
man standing i=on a city sidewalk

Little Tealeif “Pedestal People”

Out 18th November on indie label Not Saints, Little Tealeif’s new single ‘Pedestal People’ is a brooding earworm of a debut. Taken from the forthcoming EP ‘Charcoal’ (out 25th November)…
text that reads "Yves-Larock"

Yves Larock & Molie “KID”

Filled with emotion, feelings, and energy, this urban version of Kid will transport you, with the magnificent voice of Molie, and supported during the verse by his father, which creates…
woman holding two fingers up giving the "peace" sign

JESSICA WILDE “Kissing My Best Friend”

London singer/rapper and producer Jessica Wilde has had a huge 2022 pulling out all the stops on her acclaimed debut album ‘Sober,Wasted,Wasted,Sober’, released earlier in the year and heats things…
woman singing on stage

Monroe Moon “Little Bit Longer”

Monroe Moon are an experimental indie pop duo out of Grand Rapids, MI, USA, comprising married couple Bunny Monroe and Theo Malkin. Theo plays guitar, and is originally from Stoke-on-Trent,…
man sitting in a chair


Rising London alt-pop artist – Le Junk – releases his rich and reflective new single: “Some Monkeys”.  Upping the ante with his slick and seductive blend of sleazy disco-rock and…
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New York City-based duo – LAVEDA – offer another glimpse into their glimmering second album with new single: “F***”. A windows down, wind-in-your-hair, late night drive-worthy track, “F***” sees Laveda…
woman wearing leather sitting in front of a pink wall

Polartropica “What’s Your Fantasy”

ethereal synth psychedelia that you’ve never heard before. “WHAT’S YOUR FANTASY” – out now on Coconut Spaceship Records – “WHAT’S YOUR FANTASY” is a luscious, synth-driven, sticky, dream-pop venus flytrap…
city row apartments

Harrison Ash “Cross the Line”

For this Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, music has always been his primary focus. If Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig were to cross paths with early work from Phoenix, the vibes of Spoon, and…
two brotjhers sitting next to each other

Cal in Red “Replay (Lounge)”

Cal in Red is an indie pop/rock project started by brothers Connor and Kendall Wright (Grand Rapids, MI). The band is named after their youngest brother Cal, who at one…
woman sitting on top of a sports car

Carly Pearl “Head In The Clouds”

Carly Pearl is no stranger to performing — now, though, she’s truly taking center stage. With an extensive background in theater, acting, and music, including fronting the national touring act…
man standing outside holding a grey metal fence

Cimo Fränkel “Closed The Door”

Platinum-certified, LA-based artist Cimo Fränkel released his latest single, ‘Closed The Door’, on the 11th of November via Cimo Fränkel / AWAL. The single premiered on Metal Magazine. The award-winning…
yellow and orange flowers

Pierre Lecarpentier “Somewhere, nowhere”

Hello !My name is Pierre, I’m French, I’m 26, I live near Paris and I’ve created things and stuff all my life. I played in several bands over the years…
headshot of a woman outside at night

Dark Tropics “Midnight 10th of December”

Dark Tropics lead the charge on dynamic new single “Midnight 10th of December”. Following the critical acclaim from their debut album INK (championed on BBC Radio 1 and 2, KEXP,…
womain sitting on the floor in a dark empty room

Maïa Barouh “RINGO”

“AIDA” is the new album by Maïa Barouh. Aida means “between” in Japanese: between France and Japan, between the mainland and the islands, between the ancient and the modern. The…
two men standing outside on a cloudy day

Stööki Sound “Revival”

London-based Trap duo Stööki Sound released their latest single ‘Revival’ on the 4th of November via Quality Goods Records. The single follows the release of ‘Lost’, which marked the duo’s…
girl wearing a pink dress with pink baloons

Bianca Hosking “Since You Left”

When writing songs, you never know what’s going to happen throughout the process. At least that’s the case for Bianca Hosking, a singer-songwriter out of Melbourne, Australia. For her, writing…
woman wearing a hat


Commemorating the spookiest day of the year with a haunting official video ripe for the occasion, it sees the experimental pop duo team-up with esteemed video directors Philip Reinking &…
woman standing in red dress

Addie Brik “First Odd Prime”

They say all good things arrive in threes, and the third single to be cut from Addie’s upcoming album ‘That Dog Don’t Hunt’ (out 25 November, via Itza Records) is…
woman standing in a dark room

Kendra Erika “Come and Get It”

Kendra Erika has a gift, and she is ready to share it. Her gift is her mesmerizing voice, unbridled confidence, and pure honesty. She is a spicy, bold artist with…
painting of a rey mountainside

Chris Cleverley “Nausea”

UK Dream-Folk Artist Chris Cleverley’s brand new single ‘Nausea’ showcases the bold new electronic sound from his forthcoming album. Chris Cleverley is among a new wave of pioneering artists carving…
3 band members sitting next to each other

KARMACODA “Time Flies”

Eclectic soulful band KARMACODA released their latest album, ‘Lessons In Time’, on the 28th of October via Sola Musa Music. On the LP, listeners will find the retrospective song ‘Time…
man and woman sitting against a blank wall

Sugar Nova “Send Me Higher”

Sugar Nova is a dreamy Indie-Electronic Dance Pop collaboration between producer/multi-instrumentalist Luke Miller (from Lotus) and singer/songwriter Rachel Eisenstat (from Raven Jane). The Denver-based duo offers soulful vocals and pop-oriented…
headshot of a man

Stefano May “Crazy”

Stefano is a singer, songwriter and piano virtuoso who fuses soul, pop and classical for an enthralling musical journey. The talented songwriter’s music is marked by hope, love and connection…
Man sitting on a chair on an outisde porch

SICKY “A Bite Without A Mark”

British alternative artist SICKY presents the single ‘A Bite Without A Mark’, a fun whimsical slice of his thickly layered sophomore album ‘Garbage Town’, following up earlier singles ‘Garbage Town’…
woman sitting at a table with candles

Faith Marie “NVM ( Remix)”

LA-based alt-pop artist Faith Marie presents her new single ‘NVM (Remix)’, an infectious downtempo song about depression and the author’s personal struggles to move forward. This is Faith Marie’s first…
indie band members standing outside in the dark

The Bridges “Daydreamers”

Debut single from the brand new indie act The Bridges. On November 11th they’re releasing the song ‘Daydreamers’ – a song that will undoubtedly delight fans of The War On…
band standing in front of a backdrop with palm trees

SOHODOLLS “Letter To My Ex (Thank You, Goodbye)”

London’s influential electro-rockers Sohodolls are back! After being out of the limelight for more than a decade, a globally enforced lockdown revived one of their classics ‘Bang Bang Bang Bang’…
woman crouhced down in front of a colorful wall

Mari Dangerfield “Love Machine”

Mari Dangerfield is a multi-talented and colourful alternative/electronic pop artist from Ealing, West London. “Love Machine” is from her debut album ‘Love And Other Machines’, and follows on from a…
drawing of a woman on the sidewalk

Julian Shah-Tayler “Devil Knows”

Julian Shah-Tayler is a new-wave electro-rock artist hailing from Leeds, UK now based in South Pasadena, California. He draws his inspiration from 80s and 90s New Wave, Britpop and Electronic…
man sitting at a piano

Louise Coupe “Where Did The Time Go?”

Rising singer-songwriter LOUIS COUPE has released the official video for recent single “Where Did The Time Go?”. Setting the stunningly stirring new track against an equally moving backdrop, the new…
woman sitting on a stool

Sole Oceanna “Not Feeling It”

Sole Oceanna is a lover of music first. At 8 years old she found a presence on stage that has only blossomed into the eccentric and exciting entertainer she is…
drawing of a monkey

The Derevolutions “Get High and Listen to Music”

This song celebrates the spiritual and cultural phenomenon surrounding getting high and listening to music. I’m not suggesting anyone do it but only acknowledging how integral it’s been to the…
person standing in an empty roomo with a gas mask around their neck

The Cathodes “In From The Cold”

The Cathodes are back with a brand new single, “In From The Cold.” Fronted by Dave Forward, The Cathodes have quickly captured the attention of listeners and they have become…
woman in the woods

Kaitlin Stark “the way down”

Kaitlin Stark released her third single, “the way down,” an emotional tune about going through the climbs and descents of life. The soft melodies of “the way down” resonate with…
man and woman sitting on a couch


NYC-based post-punk duo Frenchy and the Punk presents ‘Come In and Play’, an upbeat Siouxsie-esque delight and the second enchanting single from their forthcoming ‘Zen Ghost’ album. Their seventh long-player…
headshot of scott goldbaum

Scott Goldbaum “Drive Too Fast”

Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist Scott Goldbaum, whose credits include Sting, LAUV, Keith Urban, Skylar Grey, Charlotte Lawrence and Maddie Poppe, is releasing his first solo EP “Protector” this fall. Prior…
headshot of Weston Smith

Weston Smith “Puny Human”

Weston Smith is an Arizona-based synth and saxophone composer with a love for experimentation and dungeon exploration. Weston is releasing a brand new EP titled “Arizona Deletion” on December 23,…
woman sitting down


On 6th October, ADDIE BRIK returns with the breathtaking new single: ‘Retromingent’. Taken from Addie’s forthcoming new album, ‘That Dog Don’t Hunt’, it’s a song of a transfixing gravity that…
band members standing outside with blue sky

PLASMAS “What You Do To Me”

Following in the trajectory of “Notice” and “See It Through”, the band’s stellar recent singles all light the way towards the much-anticipated debut EP: ‘A Summer’s Day Can Break Your…
band members standing in a parking lot at night

Elk City “Your Time Doesn’t Exist”

Art pop band Elk City presents their new single ‘Your Time Doesn’t Exist’, from their forthcoming ‘Above the Water’ LP, which opens a new chapter in the Montclair, New Jersey…
man standing in front of a window

Johnnie Mikel “I Hope It Hurts”

Gearing up to release his debut album, things couldn’t be better for Johnnie Mikel. He’s an accomplished singer, songwriter, musician, and performer with multiple appearances in the Billboard Charts, all…
2 men sitting in the grass and one man standing on a roof top

Jaguar Sun X Husbands “First Time Caller”

Emotive Dream Pop Musician Jaguar Sun has teamed up with the Power Pop duo Husbands to create their latest collaborative single ‘First Time Caller’, which released on the 9th of…
russell standing in an empty room thinking

Russell Louder “Come Around”

Expressive artist Russell Louder released their new single, ’Come Around’, which was premiered by CLASH Magazine, on the 16th of September via Lisbon Lux Records. Their debut album, HUMOR, was…
man standing against a wall with his hands in the air

Jackson Watson “Feels Like Yesterday”

“Feels Like Yesterday” was written in May of 2021, just two days before the release of my debut album Kaleidoscope. A friend of mine, one of many years, had recently…
three peopel standing next to each other in front of a wall

Caesar Spencer feat. Jo Wedin & Jean Felzine “Isn’t That What Jimi Said”

Imbued with that warm afterglow of reflection that arrives with the Autumn season, the newest single from the Paris-based artist delivers both a tender tribute to the late Jimi Hendrix…
profile of a young man

boyhood. “Crash”

boyhood. is a New York based singer, songwriter, and producer originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a trans man, the name “boyhood.” is an evolving homage to the experience of having…
woman standing by the beach

DICI “Beautiful Collision”

In the year and a half since the drop of his self-titled debut EP in early 2021, DICI’s been a prolific, non-stop singles and video releasing phenomenon across the globe,…
band members standing in front of a tiled wall

Widows Gold “I Can’t Help You”

“WIDOWS GOLD makes sharp indie-rock informed by post-punk, new wave and the garage-rock revival of the early 2000s.” – Kevin Bronson, BuzzBands.LA The female-fronted quartet was formed in Costa Mesa,…
woman standing in a room

Timur “Sabotage”

New single and video from acclaimed trilingual pop sensation Timur. Timur follows her revered first single ‘Not A Criminal’ with a sequel to her cardinal release that discusses the hardships…
artist rendering if the sun, birds and baloons

Holden Miller “Dopamine”

Holden Miller released “Dopamine” last Friday (Aug. 19), reflecting on blissful pre-pandemic memories of time spent outdoors. Miller’s writing is often like a memoir in lyric-form, telling detailed stories of…
band members looking up

PLASMAS “Notice”

As PLASMAS confirm the release of their debut EP this October, today the Dundee quintet are pleased to present one of its dreamiest moments: “Notice”. Recalling the reverb-dappled melodies of…
artist renderign of an astronaut floating in space

Mark Remmington “Boom Knock You Down”

Mark Remmington returns with his second solo release “Sofanauts”, an alternative rock/pop sci-fi (loosely) themed musical escapade, leading with the lyric video for the track “Boom, Knock You Down” The…
man standing in front of a window

Ormiston “Hammer Down”

Singer-songwriter and producer Ormiston has shared a live video for ‘Hammer Down’ via Lisbon Lux Records. The video premiered on The Spill Magazine and follows Ormiston’s newly released EP, Hammer…
man and woman sitting on the grond

Cimo Fränkel & Skofee “Where Do You Hide Your Love”

Multi-platinum musician Cimo Fränkel and alt-pop singer Skofee have released a live video performance of their collaborative remake of Cimo Fränkel’s beloved single ‘Where Do You Hide Your Love’ on…
two men standing with a guitar and keyboard

The Safety Word “Angels”

The Safety Word are working hard to seal their place as one of Melbourne’s hardest working electronic acts. Angel’s will be the bands 95th release if you include all the…
headshot of a woman

ena mori “DBTWO!”

Japanese-Filipino Synth-pop singer-songwriter ena mori will be releasing her debut album, DON’T BLAME THE WILD ONE!, which premiered on KALTBLUT Magazine, on the 29th of July via Offshore Music Ph.…
manlooking into the camera lense

Ormiston “Better Days”

Singer-songwriter and producer Ormiston has released his EP Hammer Down, which premiered via CLASH Magazine, on the 15th of July via Lisbon Lux Records. This release follows Ormiston’s full-length album…
man posing looking at the camera

Rich Jacques “Everything Must Change”

LA-based singer-songwriter and Grammy-winning producer Rich Jacques presents his new single ‘Everything Must Change’, previewing his new EP by the same name, taking the listener through his soothing sonic world.…
man drinking from a glass outside

Silk “It’s Hot”

Classically trained musician and artist Silk had a vision… Use her many talents and creativity to write and produce music that makes a positive impact on people. As a lifelong…
octopus on woman's head

ena mori “KING OF THE NIGHT”

Synth-pop singer-songwriter ena mori has released her latest single, ‘KING OF THE NIGHT!’ on the 1st of July. The single is taken from her upcoming debut LP, DON’T BLAME THE…
woman laying down on a beach

Jenny JAM “My Letter To You”

Jenny JAM is a London born, Los Angeles based soul-pop singer/songwriter whose music aims to encourage others to always believe in yourself even when times get tough. Her thought-provoking and…
band members sistting at a table

The Mono LPs “You Say”

Lending moving arrangements with a raw power of feeling that only comes in the wake of loss, the latest single from the Liverpool band is tender, troubled and will touch…
headshot of a man outside

Lasse Matthiessen “Emotional”

Lasse Matthiessen reinvents himself – from a singer-songwriter who could have happily followed in Nick Drake’s footsteps, the Dane transforms into an organic electro-indie-pop act who, with his remarkable deep,…
woman sitting in a chair on a calcony

Hannah Schneider “It’s The Season”

With a heartfelt tone, Danish artist Hannah Schneider addresses this season, and how the summer’s light, intensity and high expectations can sometimes make you feel down and existentially heartbroken. “It’s…
man looking down


Emo/pop punk artist from Galway in Ireland. -Official bio Watch our latest “Fastracks” video podcast to discover more new indie tracks.  SUBMIT A TRACK PODCAST ARCHIVES
painting of a man's headshot

MP Clarke “Mystery Girl”

Singer and a songwriter in the 1980s for indie pop jangle bands Jump on Tufty and The Auctioneers, MP Clarke also sang and wrote for The Trampoline Situation and Elastic…
drawing of 2 men's heads

Those Men “Send the World to the Cleaners”

The duo work in the area of concept albums dealing with subjects ranging from the disposability of the modern world (Sobgod 2007) to a day in the life of a…
woman putting on shoes

Sabrina Monique “Sideshow”

Emerging pop singer Sabrina Monique will be releasing the official music video for her recently released single ‘Sideshow’. The single was mastered by Randy Merill (Katy Perry, Muse and Lorde)…
man and woman sitting outside a bulding

Drive Through Hazy “Critter”

Denizen Records are excited to share the release of Drive Through Hazy’s second single ‘Critter’. The Norwich born duo have been creating electronic, trip-hop inspired music together now for a…
man leaning against a car

Stefano May “False Horizon”

Stefano is a singer, songwriter and piano virtuoso who fuses soul, pop and classical for an enthralling musical journey. The talented songwriter’s music is marked by hope, love and connection…
2 band members sitting in front of computers

Light Grey “Haunted”

With an undeniably melodic and strongly memorable nature, based on a dynamic, moving and emotionally-induced character, “Haunted” is the latest release by alternative/pop-punk duo Light Grey that encourages repeated listens…
man laying on a hospital bed

Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps “The Holy Grail of Truth”

Hi there once again, I’ve got a new album coming out on May 20th. Here’s the link to the new music video ”The Holy Grail of Truth”: Best, Tom Tikka…
woman wearing sunglasses

PANJOMA “Bleeding Sun”

Austin-based music mavericks Panjoma present their new single’ Bleeding Sun’, a blissed-out glitchy slice of electronic goodness from their latest ‘Sun and Moon’ EP. Marking the band’s return to the…
headshot of a man

Sleepy Tom “Call My Name”

Vancouver-based electronic producer Sleepy Tom has released his next single, ‘Call My Name’ on the 18th of May via MNRK. The prestigious producer previously collaborated with Diplo on the platinum-certified…
two men sitting

Tachys – “You Can Be My Guide” featuring Yuna

Tachys is a new duo consisting of Tobias Wilner (Blue Foundation, New York United, Ghost Society, Bichi) and Jonas Bjerre (Mew, Apparatjik). Equal parts pop and experimentation, their sound incorporates…
man and woman sitting on a couch

BSÍ “Jelly Belly”

With soft and gauzy atmospherics countered by anxiety-inducing sprawls of melodic mastery, ‘Relax, blabla’ is another paradoxical release that comes in two parts. Arriving just in time for the heady…
headshot of a man

BARZIN “It’s Never Too Late to Lose Your Life”

Four years in making, Toronto artist Barzin is releasing his fifth studio album ‘Voyeurs In The Dark’ on Friday this week. That the album is more cinematic in its scope…
two men standing in the road

ECHO BEACH “Am I Dreaming?”

A huge synth-driven anthem that really marks another step up for the band, the single was produced by renowned producer Gavin Monaghan at Magic Garden Studios. The track follows on…
drawing of several boom boxes stacked on top of each other

Mark Remmington “Radio Esc.”

I’m Mark Remmington, a self producing, self releasing artist from the rural East of England. I write everything and perform all the music on most of my releases including this…
woman dancing

Sabrina Monique “More Than A Friend”

Rising pop songstress Sabrina Monique has shared for her latest single, ‘More Than A Friend’ released on the 11th of March via United World Records. The single was mastered by…
woman sitting on a bed

Michèle Ducray “Manifesto”

New Zealand based dark pop artist Michèle Ducray creates spellbinding songs about fantasy intertwined with the mystical. Inspired by mysterious and sinister themes such as horror and the colorful characteristics…
woman standing in front of a yellow wall

Haley Johnsen “Higher”

Hayley Johnsen is known for her time performing live with Big Wild. She has further received praise from the likes of LADYGUNN, Earmilk and Atwood Magazine among others. Haley Johnsen…
band members in a dark room with dim lights

Firewoodisland & The Satellite Station “Look Through”

Bristol-based duo Firewoodisland and Ohio-based artist The Satellite Station have teamed up to create the indie-pop single, ‘Look Through’ which was released on the 8th of April via Firewoodisland and…
artist render of a man's torso

Sean The Star Emperor “Typical Male”

Sean The Star Emperor is as much a musician and artist as he is a masterful showman. Bake a cake with the ingredients of Grace Jones, Donna Summer, Lady Gaga,…
woman sitting sideways on a chair

Timur “Not A Criminal”

Malaysian Swiss artist Timur possesses a penetrating quality that is passionate and explosive. Her electro-pop sound is influenced by K-pop acts such as Blackpink and 2NE1 while also reminiscent of…
man and woman sitting in a room

Elis Noa “Weights”

Elegant soulful duo ELIS NOA has released their latest single, ‘Weights’ on the 1st of April via Las Vegas Records, accompanied by a stunning live video. The single follows the…
woman standing in a field

Samantha Sage “Shady”

Today, Samantha Sage debuted her first ever single, “Shady.” This southern soul-pop track is reminiscent of all-time greats like Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood both sonically and lyrically, but it’s…
cartoon rendering of woman

Rachel Grae “Good Side”

Rachel Grae released her next single today, “Good Side,” which explores the challenges posed by social media and the dichotomy it creates within its users’ personalities. Rachel uses this song…
painint of a woman sitting down

Josephine Philip “Little Boy”

Little Boy is the 4th single from Josephine Philip’s forthcoming solo album We Get Lost And Found. The song is released on her label Midnight Confessions. Little Boy fragile and…
drawing of rain

Policy “Reality (Feat. Tina Shest)”

The Full-Length Debut Album “ECHO CHAMBERS”Impact Date: June 9th, 2020Multi-Instrumentalist, DJ, Producer, Composer, Engineer & 2014 Winner “Best Drummer”. Policy released his first-full length album “ECHO CHAMBERS” on June 9,…
man standing outside

Stefano May “Find My Way”

Stefano is a singer, songwriter and piano virtuoso who fuses soul, pop and classical for an enthralling musical journey. The talented songwriter’s music is marked by hope, love and connection…
man sitting at a piano

Blake Proehl “Falling Into You”

Blake Proehl – who also happens to be a wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings – released his first ever single, “Falling into You.” His musical debut is atypical for…
woman standing outside

Grace Pelle “Rainbow”

Indie pop artist Grace Pelle released her first single of 2022, “Rainbow.” The track is a dance-pop anthem for anyone who bears the weight of anxiety and overthinking. The lyrics…
woman sitting in a chair

Caitlynne Curtis “I Will Survive”

Caitlynne Curtis started singing when she was 3 years old. She fondly remembers, “I used to sing to my grandma.” When she was 6 her mom put her in voice…
artist renderign of band headshots

Wylderness “Centre of Gravity”

A nebulous, noise-driven cut that gnaws its way through gritty instrumentals and existential lyricism, “Centre of Gravity” comes as the first taste of new music from the dizzying dream-pop six-piece…
man in front of neion lights

The Pyramid “City Lights”

The Pyramid is Jorge Valverde’s electronic music project founded in mid-91 in Valencia. His music is characterized by the use of repetitive melodies and rhythms, played by synthesizers, sequencers, drum…
woman sitting in a chair

Kashmira “Canvas”

My name is Kashmira. I’m 21, from Pune, India. I’ve released 3 songs in the past 10 months. My latest one has released recently, it’s called “Canvas”“Canvas” is about propagating…
womans face


Rising avant-pop producer MARIA Die RUHE has shared the video for her latest single, ‘Skin’ via Reduced To The Root. The single was released on the 25th of February, following…
man sititng next to a woman

Laveda “bb”

Born out of untamed anger and frustration at the cruel state of the world, “bb” taps into a universal mood: its downcast melodies and restless guitar lines speak to the…
woman playing guitar

The Derevolutions “Revive It”

The Derevolutions revive their 2014 hit ‘Bad King Kong’ and turn it inside out. A little more chill and just as unique and catchy. Surf rock, hip hop, funk, pop,…
woman sitting in front of a polka dot wall

Fe Salomon “Polka Dot”

Mixing emotive vocals with an avant-garde alt/pop production, Salomon delivers a stylish follow-up shrouded in a shadowy mystique. With an early demo originally featured in ‘Complicity’ (2013), a US indie…
woman reading fashion magazine

Rachel Grae “How to Be Alone”

Rachel Grae released her first single of 2022 today, “How To Be Alone,” which cleverly explores how to cope with loneliness in a world where it seems like everyone is…
two men on a beach

GIVVEN “Losing Colours”

International trio GIVVEN are sharing the video for their latest single, ‘Losing Colours’. The video was created by the award-winning director Rupert Höller and award-winning director of photography Adrian Bidron.…
man and woman

Temple Invisible “Hold”

Fusing slinking trip-hop grooves to a track of their trademark industrial intensity, the duo of Irina Bucescu and Costas Ivanov prove they’ve lost none of their bite on their beguiling…
drawing of a cat next to a metal bowl

93 Feet Of Smoke “Fucked Over”

“Fucked Over” the single is an ode to the alternative/emo chart toppers of the 2000s with a modern production and narrates the relatable message of getting blindsided by someone’s intentions,…
man standing in the street

Tee Dee Dees “Lollipops”

Indie synth-pop musician Tee Dee Dees has released his latest single, ‘Lollipops’ on the 11th of February 2022. The single will appear on his upcoming album, 1^2=1 which was produced…
people in front of a rainbow

GUNVOR “Dance Under The Rainbow”

GUNVOR owes her first name to her grandfather, who moved with his family from Sweden to Berne. No, she did not come to the earth with a microphone in 1974,…
woman singing

GUNVOR “Dance Dance Dance”

GUNVOR owes her first name to her grandfather, who moved with his family from Sweden to Berne. No, she did not come to the earth with a microphone in 1974,…
headshot of a woman

AMMO “A Cold War City”

Dark ethereal dreamweaver AMMO has revealed the spellbinding video for her new single ‘A Cold War City’, recently released via California-based Mourning Sun Records. This cavernous offering, just short of…

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