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Thomas Day “MASOCHIST”

(Artist Bio) | April 28, 2023

Nashville-based pop singer and songwriter Thomas Day shares his new single & video, “MASOCHIST”. With his new single, “MASOCHIST,” Thomas delivers a show-stopping pop anthem with an electrifying chorus destined to be sung by future crowds. In the same vein as recent singles like “VICIOUS” and “The End,” “MASOCHIST” showcases […]

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Jules Paymer + Miki Ratsula “The Daughter That My Mother Wanted”

(Artist Bio) | April 25, 2023

New single and music video “The Daughter That My Mother Wanted” from newcomer Jules Paymer featuring celebrated artist Miki Ratsula. The song and video touch upon the experience of being non-binary and queer and the difficulties that can arise with feeling like you don’t belong or are letting your family […]

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AlternativePopRockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

FREYA BEER “Fantasy”

(Artist Bio) | April 18, 2023 Goth-pop priestess – FREYA BEER – is back with an invigorating AA-side release: “Fantasy” // “Galore”. Her first new music of 2023, the “Fantasy” // “Galore” AA-side single arrives as Freya begins to etch out the successor to her acclaimed debut album ‘Beast’. Toying with that which tempts us […]

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PopRockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Shout London “Admit It”

(Artist Bio) | April 14, 2023

Following on from the release of the addictive “White Noise”, pop-punk project Shout London has just released the very catchy and energetic “Admit It”! With its gritty vocals, hard-hitting guitar riffs, and infectious energy, the track is a fiery anthem for anyone who’s ever felt misunderstood or out of place […]

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PopSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Janna Pelle “Janne”

(Artist Bio) | April 5, 2023

No TIK TOK On the upcoming “Janne,” Janna Pelle provides her own twist on the Lady Gaga track “Joanne.” The track’s title shift represents Pelle making the song her own, revealing a sound with heavy synths and intense drums in contrast with the acoustic-laden original. “Janne” releases on March 28th, […]

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Baker Grace & Joss Austin “Missing You”

(Artist Bio) | March 30, 2023

With her debut EP in 2019, “Girl I Know”, Baker Grace emerged as an artist with undeniable confidence. She stretches the boundaries of pop music and with each new release shows a new level of musicianship and introspection while maintaining her integrity and singularity. The 22-year-old singer-songwriter from Weehawken, NJ […]

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PopSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Cimo Fränkel “Magical”

(Artist Bio) | March 30, 2023

LA-based Pop musician Cimo Fränkel released his latest single ‘Magical on the 24th of March via Cimo Fränkel / 100th Meridian Music / AWAL. Being his first release of 2023, the record was premiered by Muze FM and is a welcome addition to his impressive discography: having co-written the multi-platinum-winning […]

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Fast Track Of The DayPop

Tapeworms “IRL”

(Artist Bio) | March 27, 2023

Genre-bending French band – TAPEWORMS – have returned with a new single “IRL”, ahead of a recently announced UK tour this May. Arriving right in time for Spring, known as the season of rebirth, “IRL” is a melting pot of sparkling sounds that blend digital string sections with warped sample […]

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Fast Track Of The DayPop

The Mystery Plan “Big Bliss”

(Artist Bio) | March 23, 2023

North Carolina indie pop outfit The Mystery Plan present the single ‘Big Bliss’, previewing their forthcoming ‘Haunted Organic Machines’ LP (their seventh full length album and 13th major release), to be released via American boutique label 10mm Omega Recordings. This new single, which features Amy Herring on vocals, takes us to the opposite […]

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PopSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

KID BE KID “News Feed”

(Artist Bio) | March 20, 2023

Songwriter, producer, and vocal percussionist KID BE KID released her latest single ‘News Feed’ on the 17th of March via Fun In The Church. Following ‘Naked Times’, the single is the second shared from her upcoming album Truly A Life Goal But No Ice Cream, which is slated for release […]

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DanceEDM, HouseElectronicFast Track Of The Day


(Artist Bio) | March 17, 2023

Kill Shelter and Death Loves VeronicaRelease Provocative New Artistic Collaboration Kill Shelter is UK based alternative artist, producer and remixer Pete Burns. His work blends elements of post-punk, darkwave and contemporary electronica with heavily processed guitars. His debut album “Damage” (2018) was originally released by Unknown Pleasures Records and was […]

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PopSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

5th PROJEKT “The Pace”

(Artist Bio) | March 16, 2023

Toronto cinematic art-rock band 5th PROJEKT craft a cinematic art-rock sound with melodic vocals and atmospheric guitars. Bordering on experimental art pop, the female fronted genre-bending band draws inspiration from surf rock, drum and bass and metal. Multi-instrumentalist Sködt McNalty combines layers of lush, hypnotic fretboard-tapped acoustic guitar and fuzz […]

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AlternativeFast Track Of The DayPop

Laveda “Troy Creeps”

(Artist Bio) | March 15, 2023

New York City dream-pop duo – LAVEDA – have unveiled “Troy Creeps”, the fourth track to be taken from their awaited second album ‘A Place You Grew Up In’. Balancing slacker-rock rooted guitars with spiraling otherworldly synths, “Troy Creeps” sees Laveda counter some of their more introspective moments into this […]

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Natisa Gogol “Wind Of Hope”

(Artist Bio) | March 13, 2023

Ukrainian-born singer-songwriter, Natisa Gogol, just released her new single in February 2023. Entitled “Wind Of Hope”, the song was written by Natisa after she had escaped from Ukraine to Prague earlier this year, and “when all that was dear and important to me had to be left behind.” It was […]

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Fast Track Of The DayPopSinger/Songwriter

Holly Henderson “Wendy”

(Artist Bio) | March 10, 2023

Holly Henderson’s highly anticipated second album, “The Walls” is out now. The album follows the release of last year’s acclaimed single “The Planes”, which Clash Magazine described thus: “bejewelled psych-pop with folk qualities, her work has a haunting after-effect that can’t be shrugged off.” The long-awaited sophomore release from the […]

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PopSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Sloe Honey “Lovesick”

(Artist Bio) | March 8, 2023

Alternative/ Ethereal Soul artist, Sloe Honey, the alias for songwriter/performer Melissa Trinchere, has a sweet story behind it and was introduced in September of 2022, as a reference to Fiona Apple and her song, “Slow Like Honey.”  The spelling was changed “Sloe” to reference the sloe berry as it is […]

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YIO “Intrigue” (ft. Lea Rossetti)

(Artist Bio) | March 7, 2023

Yio (pronounced Shee-Oh) is the stage name or pseudonym of Sergio Schnitzler, a singer-songwriter, guitar player, keyboardist and audio engineer from Rosario, Argentina. There is a blend of guitars, synths and vocals in his songs.Genres covered: downtempo, trip hop, chill wave, electro house, synthpop, techno, vocal trance, breakbeat, electronica, new […]

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Teenage Dads “Midnight Driving”

(Artist Bio) | March 1, 2023

With the release of their latest EP ‘Midnight Driving’ fast approaching (out 3 March via Chugg Music),  Melbourne four-piece TEENAGE DADS have today unveiled their latest single and the EP’s title track. Layering extraterrestrial-esque synths over a slower, bass-heavy melody with melancholy lyricism, “Midnight Driving” introduces a new side and […]

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AlternativePopSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

SOUP! “Supplies”

(Artist Bio) | February 28, 2023

Manchester-based quintet Soup! have re-emerged with “Supplies”, their first single of 2023. Unfolding like a late-night run-in between retro-tinted jangle-pop and modern-day stark in a lively Northern Quarter backstreet, “Supplies” sees the fast-ascending five-piece further stake their place as one of the most compelling acts on the city’s burgeoning scene. […]

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ElectronicPopShort Cuts Podcast Ep 79SOUND-KHARMA-Podcast Featured Artists

Yio “My Chosen One”

(Artist Bio) | February 22, 2023

Yio is the stage name or pseudonym of Sergio Schnitzler, a singer-songwriter, guitar player, keyboardist and audio engineer from Rosario, Argentina. There is a blend of guitars, synths and vocals in his songs. Genres covered: downtempo, trip hop, chill wave, electro house, synthpop, techno, vocal trance, breakbeat, electronica, new age […]

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Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys “Heaving”

(Artist Bio) | February 21, 2023

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys present ‘Heaving’, the title track and third single from their forthcoming ‘Heaving’ album, following the recently-released lead tracks ‘Burning Building’ and ‘Stereoscope’. The full-length album will be released in spring 2023 via Unique Records, a division of Schubert Music Europe. Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys are an art pop […]

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PopSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Jacob Lee “Easy For You”

(Artist Bio) | February 17, 2023

Confident songwriter Jacob Lee released his latest single ‘Easy For You’ on the 10th of February via the label he founded, Lowlyland Records. The single has been premiered by Wonderland Magazine and follows his 2022 release ‘Sick & Tired’. As both a businessman and truly independent musician, he has paved […]

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PopShort Cuts Podcast Ep 78SOUND-KHARMA-Podcast Featured Artists

The Mystery Plan “what a day(disco)”

(Artist Bio) | February 17, 2023

Indie pop outfit The Mystery Plan are back with their ‘What A Day’ EP, a scrumptious dose of bliss-pop released via American boutique label 10mm Omega Recordings. This boisterous three-track offering highlights the lead track from the band’s forthcoming ‘Haunted Organic Machines’ record – their seventh full length album and 13th […]

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Fast Track Of The DayPop

ASHA “Kiss Me Tender”

(Artist Bio) | February 16, 2023

Asha is a solo songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist whose music transcends genre. She loves experimenting in different styles from indie pop and rock to world music and trip hop. She started writing music in her teens and followed her passion for music for Northeastern University where she obtained a bachelor’s […]

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PopShort Cuts Podcast Ep 77SOUND-KHARMA-Podcast Featured Artists

Butterfly Haus “Masters and Experts”

(Artist Bio) | February 7, 2023

Pondering relationship complexities and toxicity is at the heart of “Masters and Experts,” touting a groovy and emotionally dense alt-pop sound. The track comes via Butterfly Haus’ new album ‘Time Bomb Season.’ Serving as the first taste of the newly released  album Time Bomb Season, “Masters and Experts” blends introspective […]

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PopSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Luke Petruzzi “Photographs”

(Artist Bio) | January 2, 2023

With a bold, genre-defying sound that melds his soulful vocals and prominent vocal sampling with pocketed beats inspired by trap, UK garage, and bass music, Luke Petruzzi is a rising talent in electronic music. Drawing inspiration from diverse artists like James Blake, Four Tet, and Ivy Lab, Petruzzi composes unique […]

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Fast Track Of The DayPop

Harmony Dreamers “Without You”

(Artist Bio) | December 20, 2022

With a mission to bring together talented musicians from all around the world, Harmony Dreamers is a unique musical endeavor led by Byron Lee Scott. With their latest album, featuring a roster of diverse musicians from different fields of expertise, the band raced to the top of the UK iTunes […]

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Fast Track Of The DayPop

SICKY “Beans”

(Artist Bio) | December 19, 2022

British solo artist SICKY presents ‘Beans’, a complex melodic slice of alt-pop with slick lyrics, from his thickly layered sophomore album ‘Garbage Town’. This 12-track collection was supported by three singles – the title track ‘Garbage Town’, ‘The Bridge’ and ‘A Bite Without A Mark’.  SICKY is the solo project of Mick […]

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Fast Track Of The DayPop

Roskamala “Kiss Me Amnesia”

(Artist Bio) | December 14, 2022

Singer/songwriter, producer, screenwriter and actor Roskamala is set to make her mark as a creative visionary with her thoughtful musical releases full of evocative storytelling wrapped in a unique sonic fusion. Born and raised in Thailand, Roskamala became an actress and fashion TV host. Realizing that her dream was to […]

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Fast Track Of The DayPop

Blake Proehl “Where You Need to Be”

(Artist Bio) | December 12, 2022

VIKINGS RECEIVER AND POP ARTIST BLAKE PROEHL RELEASES INSPIRING, MOTIVATIONAL NEW SINGLE, “WHERE YOU NEED TO BE” Blake Proehl released his newest song titled “Where You Need to Be.” The heart wrenching single is about facing uncontrollable challenges and being able to reflect on those challenges once you reach the other […]

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Fast Track Of The DayPop

Pennies by the Pound “The End Times”

(Artist Bio) | December 9, 2022

Finnish indie outfit Pennies By The Pound are back with their new invigorating single ‘The End Times’, the second single from their upcoming concept album ‘Nothingside’, out in early 2023 via the Lilith label. Relative to the first single ‘Burning Wish’, which was beautiful expression of optimism and adventure channeled through a […]

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PopSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Jacob Lee “Sick & Tired”

(Artist Bio) | December 8, 2022

Prolific songwriter and tech innovator Jacob Lee released his latest single ‘Sick & Tired’ on the 2nd of December via his imprint Philosophical Records. Notably, the record was premiered by Notion Magazine. One of the first NFT musicians, Lee is a serial entrepreneur who holds the title of being the […]

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Fast Track Of The DayPop

SKAUSS “Foreva”

(Artist Bio) | December 7, 2022

Multi-instrumentalist and genre-bending composer/producer SKAUSS set off to find his true identity with 2019’s “Whoami” and now continues that quest by expanding upon his uniquely melodic orchestral and dark electronic sound and paves the way for even further out musical gambles. Back in 2012 a new artist emerged seemingly out […]

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Fast Track Of The DayPop


(Artist Bio) | December 6, 2022

On December 16, Danish artist Elias Bendix releases his new single ‘Who’s To Blame?’. His adventurous mix of pop, jazz and funk has brought him attention both at home and abroad, but on ‘Who’s To Blame?’ he moves in a more gloomy and housey direction. Elias himself mentions sources of […]

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AlternativePopSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

HIBOU “Night Fell”

(Artist Bio) | December 6, 2022

American multi-instrumentalist HIBOU is back with new single “Night Fell”, along with the announcement of a new EP ‘Arc’ (due 13 January 2023).  Floating through a breezy blend of gossamer vocals, twinkling instrumentals and lush textured melodies, “Night Fell” is a delicate and jangling track that paves the way for […]

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PopRockShort Cuts Podcast Ep 68SOUND-KHARMA-Podcast Featured Artists

Of House “Heart About to Give Out”

(Artist Bio) | December 2, 2022

Of House is Motorik Power/Dream/Indie Pop made in Detroit by Nick Van Huis, Blake Hart, Pat Nolan, Gabe Downey, Mitch Segall, Amanda Van Huis, and friends. Mixing propulsive drums, blended male/female vocals, and dreamy and crunchy guitars, Of House delivers a unique musical experience. -Official bio Watch our latest “Fastracks” […]

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AlternativePopSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

FE SALOMON “Interstate 10”

(Artist Bio) | December 1, 2022

A cinematic insight into her fast-approaching debut solo album – FE SALOMON – bows out of 2022 with the stately new single: “Interstate 10”.  Worlds away from the twisted Middle England countryside Fe Salomon tapped into on earlier release “Quintessential England”, “Interstate 10” transports listeners to the endless metropolis of […]

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Fast Track Of The DayPop

Holly Henderson “The Planes”

(Artist Bio) | November 30, 2022

With the release of new single “The Planes”, Holly Henderson has announced that her second album, “The Walls”, is finished, mastered, and on its way to the pressing plant for release in early 2023. The long-awaited sophomore release from the UK alternative singer-songwriter brings a very different side to Holly’s […]

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Fast Track Of The DayPop

JESSICA WILDE “Kissing My Best Friend”

(Artist Bio) | November 27, 2022

London singer/rapper and producer Jessica Wilde has had a huge 2022 pulling out all the stops on her acclaimed debut album ‘Sober,Wasted,Wasted,Sober’, released earlier in the year and heats things up again with a winter jam blaster entitled ‘Kissing My Best Friend’.  As Jess continues to embrace support from all […]

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PopSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Monroe Moon “Little Bit Longer”

(Artist Bio) | November 25, 2022

Monroe Moon are an experimental indie pop duo out of Grand Rapids, MI, USA, comprising married couple Bunny Monroe and Theo Malkin. Theo plays guitar, and is originally from Stoke-on-Trent, England. Bunny, a Michigan native, is the singer, songwriter, and keyboardist.  Their sound is eclectic and often dark — inspired […]

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PopRockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops


(Artist Bio) | November 23, 2022

New York City-based duo – LAVEDA – offer another glimpse into their glimmering second album with new single: “F***”. A windows down, wind-in-your-hair, late night drive-worthy track, “F***” sees Laveda perfecting their ansty and ethereal brand of dream-pop while tapping into the agitations and anxieties of young adulthood. Blending chiffon […]

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PopShort Cuts Podcast Ep 67SOUND-KHARMA-Podcast Featured Artists

Polartropica “What’s Your Fantasy”

(Artist Bio) | November 23, 2022

ethereal synth psychedelia that you’ve never heard before. “WHAT’S YOUR FANTASY” – out now on Coconut Spaceship Records – “WHAT’S YOUR FANTASY” is a luscious, synth-driven, sticky, dream-pop venus flytrap adventure into the power of your mind that can transport you to any fantasy you desire. This romantic dream world […]

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Fast Track Of The DayPopRock

Harrison Ash “Cross the Line”

(Artist Bio) | November 23, 2022

For this Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, music has always been his primary focus. If Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig were to cross paths with early work from Phoenix, the vibes of Spoon, and a dash of vocals from the Arctic Monkeys, it might paint a picture of Harrison Ash’s sound. His upcoming project […]

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Fast Track Of The DayPop

Carly Pearl “Head In The Clouds”

(Artist Bio) | November 21, 2022

Carly Pearl is no stranger to performing — now, though, she’s truly taking center stage. With an extensive background in theater, acting, and music, including fronting the national touring act The Scruffy Pearls, the New York-based artist is a successful multi-hyphenate who understands what it truly means to be a […]

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PopSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Cimo Fränkel “Closed The Door”

(Artist Bio) | November 17, 2022

Platinum-certified, LA-based artist Cimo Fränkel released his latest single, ‘Closed The Door’, on the 11th of November via Cimo Fränkel / AWAL. The single premiered on Metal Magazine. The award-winning musician, prized with a Buma National Award for the Double Platinum record ‘Mooie Dag’ with Jayh, has accumulated over 2 […]

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PopSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Stööki Sound “Revival”

(Artist Bio) | November 9, 2022

London-based Trap duo Stööki Sound released their latest single ‘Revival’ on the 4th of November via Quality Goods Records. The single follows the release of ‘Lost’, which marked the duo’s return after a three-year hiatus, picking up from their collaboration with UZ and Foreign Beggars, titled ‘Bang’. Approaching 100 million […]

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Fast Track Of The DayPop

Bianca Hosking “Since You Left”

(Artist Bio) | November 9, 2022

When writing songs, you never know what’s going to happen throughout the process. At least that’s the case for Bianca Hosking, a singer-songwriter out of Melbourne, Australia. For her, writing comes from the subconscious, and every moment throughout can be a moment of discovery. Bianca has always wanted to be […]

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Fast Track Of The DayPop


(Artist Bio) | November 7, 2022

Commemorating the spookiest day of the year with a haunting official video ripe for the occasion, it sees the experimental pop duo team-up with esteemed video directors Philip Reinking & Tom Linton (who directed 2020 twisted fantasy ‘The Hat’). Speaking about the video the directors say: “A werewolf serial killer […]

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ElectronicPopSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Chris Cleverley “Nausea”

(Artist Bio) | November 3, 2022

UK Dream-Folk Artist Chris Cleverley’s brand new single ‘Nausea’ showcases the bold new electronic sound from his forthcoming album. Chris Cleverley is among a new wave of pioneering artists carving an uncharted path through the UK songwriting landscape, with endorsements from The Times, The Telegraph and BBC Radio leading to […]

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AlternativePopSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

KARMACODA “Time Flies”

(Artist Bio) | November 2, 2022

Eclectic soulful band KARMACODA released their latest album, ‘Lessons In Time’, on the 28th of October via Sola Musa Music. On the LP, listeners will find the retrospective song ‘Time Flies’. Numerous industry publications have supported the band, namely CLASH Magazine, Wonderland Magazine, Magnetic Mag, Hotpress, Metal Magazine, Medium, Backseat […]

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PopSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Sugar Nova “Send Me Higher”

(Artist Bio) | November 1, 2022

Sugar Nova is a dreamy Indie-Electronic Dance Pop collaboration between producer/multi-instrumentalist Luke Miller (from Lotus) and singer/songwriter Rachel Eisenstat (from Raven Jane). The Denver-based duo offers soulful vocals and pop-oriented beats, with arrangements that nod to Indie-Dance, Electro-Pop, Dance/Electronica, Dream Pop, and Chillwave. Sugar Nova doesn’t shy away from mining […]

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Fast Track Of The DayPop

Stefano May “Crazy”

(Artist Bio) | November 1, 2022

Stefano is a singer, songwriter and piano virtuoso who fuses soul, pop and classical for an enthralling musical journey. The talented songwriter’s music is marked by hope, love and connection in the aim to heal. Born in Soveria Mannelli, Italy, Stefano took to music at an early age and began […]

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AlternativePopShort Cuts Podcast Ep 64SOUND-KHARMA-Podcast Featured Artists

SICKY “A Bite Without A Mark”

(Artist Bio) | October 31, 2022

British alternative artist SICKY presents the single ‘A Bite Without A Mark’, a fun whimsical slice of his thickly layered sophomore album ‘Garbage Town’, following up earlier singles ‘Garbage Town’ and ‘The Bridge’. SICKY is the solo project of Mick Butler, his brand of melodic Britpop-infused indie rock spells good […]

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AlternativeFast Track Of The DayPop

Faith Marie “NVM ( Remix)”

(Artist Bio) | October 31, 2022

LA-based alt-pop artist Faith Marie presents her new single ‘NVM (Remix)’, an infectious downtempo song about depression and the author’s personal struggles to move forward. This is Faith Marie’s first music output since 2020, when she released ‘Nobody’. Despite a series of lockdowns and other setbacks, she didn’t stop creating […]

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AlternativeFast Track Of The DayFastracks Ep 61Featured Artists

Scott Goldbaum “Drive Too Fast”

(Artist Bio) | October 10, 2022

Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist Scott Goldbaum, whose credits include Sting, LAUV, Keith Urban, Skylar Grey, Charlotte Lawrence and Maddie Poppe, is releasing his first solo EP “Protector” this fall. Prior to his five year hiatus from releasing music, Scott Goldbaum’s specialty was in providing “transient and breathtaking guitar work” (The […]

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PopSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Weston Smith “Puny Human”

(Artist Bio) | October 6, 2022

Weston Smith is an Arizona-based synth and saxophone composer with a love for experimentation and dungeon exploration. Weston is releasing a brand new EP titled “Arizona Deletion” on December 23, which shares the tale of a lost soul hoping to choose the right path towards happiness. -Official bio Watch our […]

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PopSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

PLASMAS “What You Do To Me”

(Artist Bio) | September 28, 2022

Following in the trajectory of “Notice” and “See It Through”, the band’s stellar recent singles all light the way towards the much-anticipated debut EP: ‘A Summer’s Day Can Break Your Heart’, which is confirmed for release on 21 October 2022. Sounding like the Jesus & Mary Chain discovering ecstasy for […]

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AlternativeFast Track Of The DayFastracks Ep 60Featured Artists

Johnnie Mikel “I Hope It Hurts”

(Artist Bio) | September 24, 2022

Gearing up to release his debut album, things couldn’t be better for Johnnie Mikel. He’s an accomplished singer, songwriter, musician, and performer with multiple appearances in the Billboard Charts, all while remaining a completely independent artist. After spending his teens learning ProTools, Logic, and all the string instruments he could […]

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Fastracks Ep 59Featured ArtistsPop

boyhood. “Crash”

(Artist Bio) | September 13, 2022

boyhood. is a New York based singer, songwriter, and producer originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a trans man, the name “boyhood.” is an evolving homage to the experience of having had an unconventional one, and an exploration of how a repressed and limited childhood has influenced a full and intentional […]

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PopSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

DICI “Beautiful Collision”

(Artist Bio) | September 13, 2022

In the year and a half since the drop of his self-titled debut EP in early 2021, DICI’s been a prolific, non-stop singles and video releasing phenomenon across the globe, racking up a phenomenal 100K TikTok followers, over five million collective Spotify streams and YouTube views and inclusion on over […]

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PopSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Timur “Sabotage”

(Artist Bio) | August 30, 2022

New single and video from acclaimed trilingual pop sensation Timur. Timur follows her revered first single ‘Not A Criminal’ with a sequel to her cardinal release that discusses the hardships of toxic relationships in her latest single ‘Sabotage.’ Following the rush of ‘Not A Criminal’ (gaining more than 500,000 views […]

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Fastracks Ep 58Featured ArtistsPop

Holden Miller “Dopamine”

(Artist Bio) | August 29, 2022

Holden Miller released “Dopamine” last Friday (Aug. 19), reflecting on blissful pre-pandemic memories of time spent outdoors. Miller’s writing is often like a memoir in lyric-form, telling detailed stories of small events in his life. His new track, “Dopamine,” is similar in that it reflects on a three-year period between […]

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PopSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

PLASMAS “Notice”

(Artist Bio) | August 25, 2022

As PLASMAS confirm the release of their debut EP this October, today the Dundee quintet are pleased to present one of its dreamiest moments: “Notice”. Recalling the reverb-dappled melodies of Wild Nothing or the tranquil psych-pop of Tame Impala at their most sedate, “Notice” drifts in-and-out like a welcome breeze […]

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Fastracks Ep 56Featured ArtistsPop

Ormiston “Hammer Down”

(Artist Bio) | August 7, 2022

Singer-songwriter and producer Ormiston has shared a live video for ‘Hammer Down’ via Lisbon Lux Records. The video premiered on The Spill Magazine and follows Ormiston’s newly released EP, Hammer Down (EP Remix). Ormiston’s other moniker Beverlay’s hit ‘Typically Her’ was officially remixed by renowned artist KAYTRANADA and received over […]

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PopSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

The Safety Word “Angels”

(Artist Bio) | August 4, 2022

The Safety Word are working hard to seal their place as one of Melbourne’s hardest working electronic acts. Angel’s will be the bands 95th release if you include all the remixes, collaborations, reworks and singles they have put out. Dropping a new single every month for the last three years […]

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PopSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

ena mori “DBTWO!”

(Artist Bio) | August 1, 2022

Japanese-Filipino Synth-pop singer-songwriter ena mori will be releasing her debut album, DON’T BLAME THE WILD ONE!, which premiered on KALTBLUT Magazine, on the 29th of July via Offshore Music Ph. This album follows after the release of her singles ‘KING OF THE NIGHT!’ and ‘SOS’, which was also accompanied by […]

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Silk “It’s Hot”

(Artist Bio) | July 14, 2022

Classically trained musician and artist Silk had a vision… Use her many talents and creativity to write and produce music that makes a positive impact on people. As a lifelong positive thinker, Silk fully understands music’s ability to influence our emotions and the effects it has on our energy. Silk […]

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Fastracks Ep 53Featured ArtistsPop

Jenny JAM “My Letter To You”

(Artist Bio) | July 7, 2022

Jenny JAM is a London born, Los Angeles based soul-pop singer/songwriter whose music aims to encourage others to always believe in yourself even when times get tough. Her thought-provoking and sincere songwriting allows listeners to connect to her music, delivering an authentic message that has been captivating audiences across the […]

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The Mono LPs “You Say”

(Artist Bio) | July 7, 2022

Lending moving arrangements with a raw power of feeling that only comes in the wake of loss, the latest single from the Liverpool band is tender, troubled and will touch you to the very core. With a heartbreaking backstory laid bare by Ste Reid’s vivid and visceral lyricism, the lead […]

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Lasse Matthiessen “Emotional”

(Artist Bio) | July 6, 2022

Lasse Matthiessen reinvents himself – from a singer-songwriter who could have happily followed in Nick Drake’s footsteps, the Dane transforms into an organic electro-indie-pop act who, with his remarkable deep, knowing vocal, conjures up hyperrealistic moments of the human experience. Lasse has demonstrated his great songwriting talent with his previous […]

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Hannah Schneider “It’s The Season”

(Artist Bio) | July 5, 2022

With a heartfelt tone, Danish artist Hannah Schneider addresses this season, and how the summer’s light, intensity and high expectations can sometimes make you feel down and existentially heartbroken. “It’s the season” is a melancholic pop song, that oozes of sedated summer vibes. With sincere vocals, acoustic piano and minimalistic […]

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Drive Through Hazy “Critter”

(Artist Bio) | June 22, 2022

Denizen Records are excited to share the release of Drive Through Hazy’s second single ‘Critter’. The Norwich born duo have been creating electronic, trip-hop inspired music together now for a year. After making the move to Nottingham, it didn’t take them long to get noticed by BBC Introducing and key […]

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AlternativeFastracks Ep 51Featured ArtistsPop

Light Grey “Haunted”

(Artist Bio) | June 13, 2022

With an undeniably melodic and strongly memorable nature, based on a dynamic, moving and emotionally-induced character, “Haunted” is the latest release by alternative/pop-punk duo Light Grey that encourages repeated listens due to the adrenalizing effect of its founding components and the showcased by the formation attention to detail and artistic […]

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AlternativeFastracks Ep 50Featured ArtistsPop

Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps “The Holy Grail of Truth”

(Artist Bio) | May 30, 2022

Hi there once again, I’ve got a new album coming out on May 20th. Here’s the link to the new music video ”The Holy Grail of Truth”: Best, Tom Tikka -Official bio  Watch our latest “Fastracks” video podcast to discover more new indie tracks.  SUBMIT A TRACK […]

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Fastracks Ep 49Featured ArtistsPop

BSÍ “Jelly Belly”

(Artist Bio) | May 6, 2022

With soft and gauzy atmospherics countered by anxiety-inducing sprawls of melodic mastery, ‘Relax, blabla’ is another paradoxical release that comes in two parts. Arriving just in time for the heady nostalgia of a sun-baked summer, the two-sided release consists of two enticing new tracks: one bristling and upbeat, and the […]

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Fastracks Ep 47Featured ArtistsPop

Michèle Ducray “Manifesto”

(Artist Bio) | April 13, 2022

New Zealand based dark pop artist Michèle Ducray creates spellbinding songs about fantasy intertwined with the mystical. Inspired by mysterious and sinister themes such as horror and the colorful characteristics of circus life, Ducray’s songs are laced with vivid imagery and suspenseful storylines. Ducray’s musical influences include Pavarotti and Ladysmith […]

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Fastracks Ep 47Featured ArtistsPop

Haley Johnsen “Higher”

(Artist Bio) | April 13, 2022

Hayley Johnsen is known for her time performing live with Big Wild. She has further received praise from the likes of LADYGUNN, Earmilk and Atwood Magazine among others. Haley Johnsen is a Portland, Oregon-born musician with a knack for genre-bending and a hard-earned career path that is uniquely her own. […]

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Fastracks Ep 46Featured ArtistsPop

Timur “Not A Criminal”

(Artist Bio) | April 4, 2022

Malaysian Swiss artist Timur possesses a penetrating quality that is passionate and explosive. Her electro-pop sound is influenced by K-pop acts such as Blackpink and 2NE1 while also reminiscent of soulful girl pop icons like Rihanna and Beyoncé. Timur’s debut single “NOT A CRIMINAL” evokes all the confidence and vibrancy […]

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Samantha Sage “Shady”

(Artist Bio) | April 4, 2022

Today, Samantha Sage debuted her first ever single, “Shady.” This southern soul-pop track is reminiscent of all-time greats like Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood both sonically and lyrically, but it’s only a preview of her potential. Samantha has been surrounded by music since she was 4 years old in Columbia, […]

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Rachel Grae “Good Side”

(Artist Bio) | April 4, 2022

Rachel Grae released her next single today, “Good Side,” which explores the challenges posed by social media and the dichotomy it creates within its users’ personalities. Rachel uses this song to expose that everyone, even her, has an edited side they show to the world online, and an uncompromised version […]

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Policy “Reality (Feat. Tina Shest)”

(Artist Bio) | March 28, 2022

The Full-Length Debut Album “ECHO CHAMBERS”Impact Date: June 9th, 2020Multi-Instrumentalist, DJ, Producer, Composer, Engineer & 2014 Winner “Best Drummer”. Policy released his first-full length album “ECHO CHAMBERS” on June 9, 2020. The full-length LP features 10 tracks of Alternative, EDM, Electro Pop & Ambient music featuring talented international female vocalists. […]

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Fastracks Ep 44Featured ArtistsPop

Grace Pelle “Rainbow”

(Artist Bio) | March 22, 2022

Indie pop artist Grace Pelle released her first single of 2022, “Rainbow.” The track is a dance-pop anthem for anyone who bears the weight of anxiety and overthinking. The lyrics delve into Grace’s intrinsic fears, and focuses on the times where she had an opportunity to give up, but was […]

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Wylderness “Centre of Gravity”

(Artist Bio) | March 22, 2022

A nebulous, noise-driven cut that gnaws its way through gritty instrumentals and existential lyricism, “Centre of Gravity” comes as the first taste of new music from the dizzying dream-pop six-piece in almost four years. Plucked from Wylderness’ newly confirmed second album ‘Big Plans for a Blue World’ set for release […]

man in front of neion lights
Fastracks Ep 43Featured ArtistsPop

The Pyramid “City Lights”

(Artist Bio) | March 16, 2022

The Pyramid is Jorge Valverde’s electronic music project founded in mid-91 in Valencia. His music is characterized by the use of repetitive melodies and rhythms, played by synthesizers, sequencers, drum machines and computers. His influences include electronic music of the late 1970s and early 1980s and dance music of the […]

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Fastracks Ep 43Featured ArtistsPop

Kashmira “Canvas”

(Artist Bio) | March 16, 2022

My name is Kashmira. I’m 21, from Pune, India. I’ve released 3 songs in the past 10 months. My latest one has released recently, it’s called “Canvas”“Canvas” is about propagating the idea of starting with a “Clean slate”. The lyrics are in the description of the video. Please do read […]

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(Artist Bio) | March 16, 2022

Rising avant-pop producer MARIA Die RUHE has shared the video for her latest single, ‘Skin’ via Reduced To The Root. The single was released on the 25th of February, following the artist’s recent track, ‘Art Is The Only Real Translation Of Living For Me’ which was also accompanied by an […]

man sititng next to a woman
PopSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Laveda “bb”

(Artist Bio) | March 16, 2022

Born out of untamed anger and frustration at the cruel state of the world, “bb” taps into a universal mood: its downcast melodies and restless guitar lines speak to the collective sense of agitation and boredom we’ve all experienced over the past two years. Weaving together an ansty mesh of […]

woman sitting in front of a polka dot wall
Fastracks Ep 42Featured ArtistsPop

Fe Salomon “Polka Dot”

(Artist Bio) | March 8, 2022

Mixing emotive vocals with an avant-garde alt/pop production, Salomon delivers a stylish follow-up shrouded in a shadowy mystique. With an early demo originally featured in ‘Complicity’ (2013), a US indie film which sees a seemingly innocuous teenage party spiral out of control, the track echoes similar themes of adolescent abandon; […]

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Fastracks Ep 41Featured ArtistsPop

GIVVEN “Losing Colours”

(Artist Bio) | March 1, 2022

International trio GIVVEN are sharing the video for their latest single, ‘Losing Colours’. The video was created by the award-winning director Rupert Höller and award-winning director of photography Adrian Bidron. ‘Losing Colours’ is the title track for their upcoming audiovisual EP which will be released on the 24th of March […]

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AlternativePopSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Temple Invisible “Hold”

(Artist Bio) | March 1, 2022

Fusing slinking trip-hop grooves to a track of their trademark industrial intensity, the duo of Irina Bucescu and Costas Ivanov prove they’ve lost none of their bite on their beguiling latest proposition. A track about the inherent inquisitiveness of childhood and the powerful, expressive energy of human instinct, Irina explains: […]

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Tee Dee Dees “Lollipops”

(Artist Bio) | February 16, 2022

Indie synth-pop musician Tee Dee Dees has released his latest single, ‘Lollipops’ on the 11th of February 2022. The single will appear on his upcoming album, 1^2=1 which was produced by Ben Shopen and is scheduled for release this year. The album also features the previously released singles, ‘Slim Bears’ […]

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Fastracks Ep 38Featured ArtistsPop

AMMO “A Cold War City”

(Artist Bio) | February 8, 2022

Dark ethereal dreamweaver AMMO has revealed the spellbinding video for her new single ‘A Cold War City’, recently released via California-based Mourning Sun Records. This cavernous offering, just short of 5 minutes, unfolds like a Lynchian lullaby, as does the video, which was directed and edited by AMMO with cinematography […]

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