Alexis Arnold “I Want It All”
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Alexis Arnold “I Want It All”

Rising pop artist Alexis Arnold has just released “I Want It All,” an

amorous and inspiring ballad. This track is guaranteed to pull on the heartstrings of all listeners, as well as display the raw talent that Alexis has to offer.

The romantic and heartfelt track delves into the subject of unconditional love, accepting your partner without judgment, embracing them for who they are, and giving them all of you in return. The ballad-like anthem touches on what it means to love a partner wholly.

“I Want It All” is timeless, reviving the essence of classic romance and the profound act of loving wholeheartedly. Arnold’s crystal-clear vocals over the piano creates a mesmerizing sonic experience, building up with the masterful layering of harmonies.

Alexis Arnold is a South Florida native whose music has propelled her into the spotlight. Alexis has the ability to combine soulful music with an upbeat pop presence that is similar to the likes of Adele, Mariah Carey, and Alicia Keys. Her vocal range has set her apart over the past few years in her career. She was first recognized by Fort Lauderdale Children’s Theatre at age 13 winning a local talent show with her rendition of “A Whole New World” which later led her in high school to theater. As her voice matured, she was trained classically which enabled her to sing in different languages. She landed a music scholarship to Saint Joseph University in Philadelphia where she had the privilege to sing in Rome, Italy for Pope Benedict.


During College she was recognized by Milton Bullock, who was part of the famous group “The Platters” where she performed with Milton at the “Ugandan Thunder Farewell Concert” an outreach of the humanitarian and mission organization “Pennies for Posho”, which is committed to feeding the hungry children of Africa. After college, Alexis decided to pursue music professionally. She began posting covers on her YouTube Channel that quickly garnered millions of views and caught the attention of a record label executive. She inked a deal with the independent record label One Rpm and began working with Grammy Nominated producers who have worked alongside artists such as Andrea Bocelli, James Brown, and Vanessa Williams to name a few. She began releasing her original songs “Take Me Back”, “Tell Me”, and “Lost In You” which have quickly garnered the attention of top playlists on Spotify such as “Today’s Top Hits” as well her songs have quickly skyrocketed over 300,000 streams.


Alexis has been personally styled by Barbara Hulanicki, a Fashion icon and founder of the brand Biba who hand selected all the pieces and sketched her for her performance of her original music Live at the Amaturo Theater.


Alexis’ original songs showcase not only her vocal range ability but also display her vulnerability as a writer by displaying raw and honest lyrics that pertain to her personal life. She has been acknowledged by Grammy Nominated producers as an artist to keep an eye on.


Now, with a handful of original songs, Alexis is ready to show the world who she truly is, and hopefully inspire a few listeners along the way. “I hope that my music can bring light and hope to people, and really inspire them to chase whatever it is in life that makes them truly happy,” she says. “I hope that people listen to my songs and know that you’re never alone.”

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