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Ali Dellas “Another Day”

(Artist Bio) | March 1, 2023
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Ali Dellas released her latest single “Another Day” today, a soft indie pop song about hiding one’s true feelings from someone. Ali’s soft, yet emotional vocals along with the rhythmic strumming of her guitar drive the song and its message about unspoken words.

‘“Another Day” is about struggling with showing who you are, sharing your feelings with others, and all the misunderstanding that goes along with it. Leaving it all to “another day” is a result of the realization that keeping your truest self within isn’t always the worst thing to have to do,’ Ali explains.

Ali Dellas’s second ever release, “Another Day,” is a testament to her impressive songwriting and musical talent. This mellow, euphonious single is a perfect step into the next chapter for Ali Dellas; one that will keep listeners around for Another Day.

Released alongside “Another Day” is the accompanying music video, which premiered on Ali Dellas’s YouTube channel. The video consists of Ali in various places reflecting on her struggle to voice how she feels. She’s ultimately seen waiting for “Another Day,” while she channels her emotions into lyrics.

There’s a power in being authentically yourself. Melbourne-based, indie bedroom-pop artist Ali Dellas is embracing this idea through her music, and it’s a message she’s ready to share with listeners, too.

As a singer-songwriter with autism, Dellas is proof that music can act as connective tissue that transcends many of the walls societal norms tend to raise. “I think it’s so cool how music and songs can come out of nowhere,” Dellas says of her writing process. She’s fascinated by the way music is one of the few things that connects almost every living person and weaves a story throughout history, and she has been preparing her whole life to add her work to that never-ending choir.

Dellas, who plays piano and guitar, has been writing songs for years and is ready to start sharing stories with audiences in a bigger way than ever before. With a sincerity that recalls writers and artists like Lizzy McAlpine and Lyn Lapid, Ali Dellas has been preparing for this moment her entire life — her latest chapter starts now.

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