Alyst & Affluent Oscar Sanchez “GOLD”
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Alyst & Affluent Oscar Sanchez “GOLD”

Kentucky is a mixture of the Midwest and the South. This area is known world wide as the birth of country and bluegrass music. So when we speak of Kentucky, we generally speak of legendary names such as Loretta Lynn, The Judds, and Billy Ray Cyrus.

Today times have changed and the sounds of Kentucky have shifted from country and bluegrass into more of an alternative rock scene. Yet no matter what genre came before them, the rising force of the urban music scene has always pushed forward.

In the late 90s groups like the Nappy Roots and Playa made ground breaking noise signing to major labels. Soon after to follow a former member of Playa in the 2000’s artist / producer Static Major opened new doors with his creative works that broke thru a new wave of local artists. These days, names such as Bryson Tiller & Jack Harlow are the stars of Kentucky that dominate. These young artists have flooded the net with their music online in the current DIY era making them mainstream names.

In the same likes, in the outskirts of Paducah, a new voice by the name of Jared Woodson is currently making a name for himself as begins to carve out his own space in the music industry.

Although raised in a musical family, Jared felt very removed by his parents. Growing up they both had active careers in the entertainment industry, his dad played piano during Michael Jackson’s Thriller Tour and his mom was an accomplished international singer. Growing up he was exposed more to the adversities than the music. Tired of living in the conditions that didn’t allow him to grow, he decided to go all in and head out to New York City.

With so many taking this same venture year after year he quickly learned upon arriving that coming to NYC was not easy. “This city is amazing but it is so competitive and it is driven at such fast paced speed you have to be on your A game at all time”, says Jared.

After securing a place to live and purchasing some basic music equipment. He then enthralled himself during the first months into recording over a 100 songs to perfect his craft. “There was nothing to do but my music, it was all or nothing” says Jared.

Finally after going out around town and networking he began to realize he needed much more than passion and ability to get to that next level in NYC.

He took a side job working as a tennis coach to pay his projects and he began to license beats online from other beat makers to make better records. “Those days were rough but were also awesome. Honestly between the side job, the new local, the girlfriend then and the music growing it all hit me hard quick. I felt at one point, I was like beyond lost. I was beyond down. I felt so alone. Add to the factor the music I was making wasn’t hitting. It increased the stress of my personal life even more at the time. All this just because I was trying live out this dream. The life of an upcoming artist is a make or break situation”.

What sounds like typical writers block was actual more drama when the foundation he initially built came crashing down at all once”. The twist of the opposite engulfed his world. He lost the job, the girl and the place to live, now he had to start all over again.

The universe is truly incredible because it answers to what is destiny not to what is circumstance.

As Jared hustled to rebuild his zone, he also began to learn more about the business aspect of the music industry in the city. A major factor that prevailed beyond the talent. Thru his research he came across several outlets online that connected to these music execs but nothing came out of them thru his measures. Jared’s only answer to himself was that the sound he was putting out on his own wasn’t on point. He quickly looked to revise that and adapt to a new tone. After several months he created one called “JORDAN 23”. He began pushing that online to several platforms. Pushing a new sound and exploring bigger scopes finally got the attention of a NYC music executive Oscar Sanchez of Affluent Records.

“Meeting with Oscar was my biggest blessing and definitely destiny. Oscar is an incredible life force with an immerse energy of talent, vision and execution. One of the best A&R + Producer + Music Executives in New York City. He grew up in the streets and in the industry. He clearly understands the music business ins and out every direction. He knows how to develop artists, create songs, create the right beat and produce records. He knows how to make things mainstream quality and creates it. I knew Affluent Records was the place for me. After playing several songs, a couple of talks the deal got done and I got a chance to work with Oscar. In that same conversation is where he created my name ALYST and brought it to mainstream months later releasing my first song worldwide.”

“JORDAN 23” was the song that got him signed it was not a mainstream hit single and It didn’t have the mainstream quality that was strong enough to break an artist properly into the market. It was at best mixtape material. “I began to experiment with different sounds for Alyst early” says Sanchez which opened the door for Alyst’s first 2 singles “VIBIN” and “SWIPE IT”. These records make you want to dance and move as soon as that first drum hits” says Sanchez. “That’s my whole focus for this album. I went thru so much crap in my world that all I want to do is have fun, and enjoy this world.” says Alyst. Upon releasing “VIBIN” & “SWIPE IT” thru Affluent Records + Orchard worldwide, the songs began to gain traction. The singles were serviced by several major industry record pools nationwide such as INAVATOR, STARFLEET and FRANCHISE. NYC DJ Legend Funk Master Flex record pool Franchise began reporting positive feedback.

Then covid hit and that changed the spectrum of what an artist is and how it can survive. We took some time off to recoup but we began to work remotely and produce the new level of ALYST. We had to switch up our style because of how the way the industry went. No venues and quality content had to be top priority. At Affluent Records stepped up by focusing on creating the sounds from in house that would be ALYST greatest blessing.

The artist development soared to a different level and the execution of making music, writing songs and creating content hit perfectly. Alyst finally found his niche, it was bigger than what he previously doing depending on outside producers. With Oscar producing all the music and creating the beats now, we started working like a factory making song after song until we carved out hot singles. Thats how we grew to create Gleeming + Gold + Black Pop Remix + Hit Me Up + Girls in Miami + Battles + You Know U Want It + Colder It Gets + Self Reflection + My Ego. We worked remotely thru the year and once 2021 early 2022 came along we had songs that debut on HOT 97 by DJ Enuff on his afternoon mixshow “NEW AT 2PM”.

The debut track “GLEEMING” video was put in rotation on BET JAMZ. A publicity program began to soar as well. Alyst’s name now began surging once again.

As for what is next for this young Kentucky star, “There is so much work to do I can’t even start, we have the videos, the photo shoots, we are also working on setting up for my touring and shows. I am here for the win. I am here pushing song after song until the world knows about Alyst. The best part of all this is the fact that instead of thinking about when will I live out my dreams I am here today living them out step by step. Above all learning to believe in myself has been the most profound growth I have experienced thus far. I am happy that I am able to bring my music to the world and enjoy everything in it along the way I am here for all of it. I am here to win the Grammy and with Affluent Records I know we gonna make it happen” says Jared.

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