Anastasia Elliot “Bones”
woman with purple hair

Anastasia Elliot “Bones”

Born to the purple: Purple is the color of imagination and creativity and is associated with the transformation of the soul. Purple is bold, unique, independent, and introspective. Purple is a way of life.

Embodying these qualities, purple- haired rock goddess Anastasia Elliot is a trailblazer in the Indie Art Rock world as she debuts the latest single “Bones” premiered via , from her highly anticipated full length visual album La Petite Mort.

“Bones” is the fifth single from her  13- song visual story that began with “Cigarettes & Gasoline,” “Crash Landing,” “London,” and most recently “Masquerade,” that have garnered  high praise. On the inspiration behind “Bones” and the debut album, Nashville-based artist states, “La Petite Mort (‘The Little Death’) explores my relationship with the phases of trauma and rebirth following my plane crash in 2013.

“Her prior training with operatic singing and classical music come through in dramatic nuances like anxiously chromatic strings and Elliot’s own expansive but well-supported voice belting out ends of phrases with a decisive authority that flashes shades of Florence Welch.”-(_American Songwrite_r )

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