ANDYVA “No One’s Fool”

ANDYVA “No One’s Fool”


We’re starting this week’s show with one of the most talented pop artists we’ve heard. ANDYVA is a super talented singer, writer and producer from the Netherlands. It was a talent that he didn’t really consider pursuing at first. It took a nudge (or more of a shove) from friends & colleagues who heard something special in his voice. They recognized that he had special talents that couldn’t go ignored. Friends aren’t the only ones who agree. ANDYVA’s been fortunate to work with John Douglas, who’s resume includes collaborations with legendary artists like John Legend, Tina Turner and George Michael). So, to work with people like that, you’ve got to have huge talent. ANDYVA does. He’s been working on his new album in the Netherlands. But he’s planning to relocate to LA early next year and continue the album from here in SO CAL. And when we are all clear to safely returning to touring and live shows, we will be 1st in line for tickets. We probably shouldn’t say anything, but right before we recorded this show, he shared a new mix of his next power ballad he’s working on. It’s really really good. (Really) That should be out early Jan-ish. We’ll share that when it’s ready. This is his brand new track called “No One’s Fool”. 

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