Animals on TV “MTV 2095”
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Animals on TV “MTV 2095”

Yearning for fun, Animals on TV was formed in 2019 in Austin, Texas after friends Rob Hogan and Andrew Davis had seen one too many boring indie shows.

Animals on TV was created to bring out the best of Rock and Roll, mixing eras by drawing on bands like The Strokes, The Clash, and The Rolling Stones, and to translate these influences into joyfully unruly live shows and classic songs.

Most importantly, Animals on TV would have no shortage of personality or cheek.

Getting into their groove just as Covid took over the world, Animals on TV spent 2020 writing and honing their craft. In 2021, the band was nominated by Austin Chronicle as the best new act of the year. In 2022, the band won Resound’s, “Unreleased,” a battle of the bands competition featuring 20+ local acts and opened for Beach Fossils in a sold out show at Mohawk in Austin. In 2023, the band is focused on writing and releasing more music as well as setting their sights beyond their local Austin scene.

The current line up consists of Rob Hogan on vocals, Andrew Davis on rhythm guitar, Ben Baron on drums, Alex Ward on bass, and Gabe Posada or Sam Franklin on lead guitar. Their new EP Spring Break 2095 is an homage to the MTV era (early 80’s – late 00’s), particularly when things got really weird with MTV in the early 2000’s and the channel was synonymous with reality TV, proto-influencer celebrities, and tacky pop culture. The further away from it we get, the weirder it looks. The three songs on the EP take a past, present, and future look at this strange phenomena.

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